Vlog: August 2015

Quarterback Selection Matrix

24 Aug, 2015 | By Jim Kutsko

When you're selecting which Quarterback you want for your fantasy season, it's important to consider your draft position because some QBs are going to be significantly more expensive than others. The QB Matrix will help you decide who's best for your team

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How To Pick An Overvalued Tight End

22 Aug, 2015 | By Jim Kutsko

If you’re like me you obsess about getting good value in your draft. I spend an inordinate amount of time finding players who are undervalued when compared to their ADP. However, what do you do when EVERY player is overvalued as compared to their ADP?

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Most Overvalued Players:  PPR Leagues

19 Aug, 2015 | By Xynergy

Here is a list of the most overvalued players in the Top 50 of PPR leagues. Drafting these guys will be to your own detriment!

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Most Overvalued Players:  Standard Leagues

17 Aug, 2015 | By Jim Kutsko

When it comes to the draft, you need to avoid overvalued players like the plague. Overvalued players can destroy your team because you spent a 4th round pick for a 7th round performance.

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CONS:  The most consistent players in the top 60

12 Aug, 2015 | By Jim Kutsko

Consistency is the most important factor when it comes to your team. So who’s the most consistent?

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