Vlog: July 2016

My local paper did an awesome write up about my fantasy football app!

29 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

The Santa Fe New Mexican wrote a nice article about my app, check it out!

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Fantasy Football Rant:  Why I hate Top 200 player lists!

21 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

The Fantasy Football Top 200 list is a one-sized-fits-all nightmare that will cause you to make bad decisions on draft day!

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Beware picking players from these three teams for your fantasy team!

14 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

These three teams were quite successful in 2015 but are they going to regress this season?

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Draft Strategy:  Don’t Speculate with your first 6 picks!

11 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

Speculation in the first six rounds will kill your chances of having a successful draft!

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Jimmie Maverick wants to talk to you about Free Agent Follies

9 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

I want to warn you about the dangers of picking players that have switched teams in the offseason

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Fantasy Strategy:  Why it pays to wait to take your Quarterback

5 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

Think you need to spend an early pick to get a decent quarterback? Think again!

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