Draft Strategy! How To Get SIX Top 50 Value Players - Fantasy Maverick Podcast 082620

29 Aug, 2020

Just think of the advantage your team will have when you are able to draft SIX of the Top 50 Value Players in a 12-team league. The Draft Tool My Perfect Fantasy Draft provides you with value rankings on all the players based on your league point schedule. The key is that I exclude QBs and Team Defenses from the value calculation so you can easily compare a player's value rank against their draft position to see who is undervalued, fair valued and overvalued. I've been saying that Wide Receivers are as deep as the ocean and there are some amazing value options that will still be available in rounds 4-6 (along with a few RBs). Grab these players and your team will have an enormous advantage over your opponents this season! Thanks for watching!

Author: Jimmie Maverick