Fantasy Football Players Championship Mock.  ESPN 12-Team PPR, Pick #5 07-16-19

17 Jul, 2019

I'm playing in some high stakes leagues on and I just found out my draft position in one of the leagues.  This is my first try at a mock using their tournament settings.  Here is how the leagues are set up:

Point Per Reception with TEs receiving 1.5 PPR
Two flex positions
11 week regular season (championship in wk 12-13) - Points Tournament is from week 14-16 for the big money prizes.

NEW THIS YEAR I've added this league point schedule to My Perfect Fantasy Draft and the player list is adjusted to give all the TEs a half round boost in their Expected Draft Position (EDP).

I'm drafting from the 5th position so my chances of getting one of the king RBs is very small.  However, because of the TE PPR bonus, Travis Kelce is the 3rd most valuable player in the league!  So I start by taking him and see what kind of team I can build around him.

Unfortunately I got completely screwed on my WRs, having my top choices get taken right before my targets in round 2 and round 6.  I countered by drafting an elite QB in the 8th (Cam Newton) and the whole team, outside of my receivers, looks very strong!

I'm going to have plenty of time to work on my strategy here, but it's a strong first effort.

Author: Jimmie Maverick