Fantasy Football Rant:  Why I hate Top 200 player lists!

21 Jul, 2016
Fantasy Football Rant:  Why I hate Top 200 player lists!

Hello, friends!  It's your old pal, Jimmie Maverick!  It never fails, at this time of year every major fantasy site comes out with their top 200 fantasy football list telling you what order the players should be drafted in this season.  Unfortunately these lists are a one-size-fits-all nightmare that will cause you to make bad decisions on draft day!  Here’s why I hate these Top 200 lists.

They’re designed to be generic.  These lists are created for the widest possible audience.  It doesn’t matter how your league is set up in Yahoo, when you login on draft day the list of players will be in exactly the same order regardless of how your league scores points.  As an example look at a player like Todd Gurley.  Now Gurley is an amazing player and he is currently being picked #5 overall in mock drafts right now.  If you happen to play in a standard points league, this is a fair valuation based on his projections.  However, in Points-Per-Reception (PPR) leagues Todd Gurley’s value plunges to #31 overall.  Why?  Because Gurley doesn’t catch a lot of passes.  When you compare his projected receptions (24) versus someone like Davonta Freeman (who is projected to catch 64 passes) that makes Davonta much more valuable.  Just based on this reception differential, Gurley will have to get 400 more total yards than Davonta this season in order to be worth that #5 pick!  Can he do it?  Maybe, but it’s a much more difficult path to achieve the same amount of points.

Player rankings have no bearing on reality.  In the latest Yahoo top 200 list they have ranked the Denver Bronco defense, the #1 DEF on the board, at #129 overall.  Now I can certainly understand why the Yahoo fantasy experts have ranked them this low as defenses typically don’t score a lot of points.  I’m also adamant that you shouldn’t pick your defense until your final two picks.  However, ranking them here doesn’t match reality.  If you want the Denver defense on your team and you wait until pick #129 to get them, I can assure you that 100% of the time they will already be gone.   In fact, Denver is getting picked #78 overall right now and isn’t that more important than someone’s arbitrary ranking when you’re looking at your draft strategy?

You can’t filter players off the list.  Typically the only filter you can use is a position filter to see all players of the same type.  However, the only way to remove players on this list is to do time consuming player research.  How many hours do you spend each pre-season preparing your draftlist?  There are 62 Running Backs on the top 200.  Let’s say you don’t want any player that rushed for less than 4 yards per carry last season.  Right now you have to look up each individual player’s stats and find the calculation for YPC.  How long will this take you?  Likewise, let’s say you only want receivers with a reception percentage over 60%.  There are 71 receivers on the Top 200 list and how long will it take you to look up that stat for all of them?

This is why I created “My Perfect Fantasy Draft”.  MyPFD will allow you to quickly create a fully customized draftlist set to your league’s scoring settings and your personal player preferences.  The players are listed according to when they are most likely to be picked and you can easily compare their draft position to their projected value to know whether they are a good choice or a bad choice for your team!  Finally, the app has over 30 different filters available to allow you to easily remove players off your list based on your preferences.  You can get the app for only $5 here!

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Author: Jim Kutsko