How To Set A Fully Customized Draftlist In 5 Minutes

8 Jun, 2019

How many hours have you spent on research and putting together a draftlist each season? The worst part is then after all that effort to fall flat on draft day and make critical mistakes that kill your team's chances before the season has even started. My Perfect Fantasy Draft is a draft tool that you can set up in minutes. It only takes 3 steps: 1. Select your league point schedule (or create a custom one) 2. Use player filters to quickly cut players that don't meet your criteria. 3. Engage draft mode to break the list down, round by round, and sort players in each round according to their VORC (Value-Outlook-Reliability-Consistency) score. The highest score players appear at the top of each list, making finding the right player easy in each round.

Author: Jimmie Maverick