Late Round Breakouts & Draft Tool Updates - Fantasy Maverick Podcast 05.16.20

18 May, 2020

I got my draft app into BETA for the 2020 season and several players popped out at me as showing tremendous breakout potential for the upcoming season. All three of these players are available after round 10 and they offer great value and tremendous upside relative to their draft position. You definitely need to get these guys on your target list! Also, My Perfect Fantasy Draft is now in BETA for your 2020 draft. I've updated all the stats, brought in all the rookies, updated all the team info and put in the projections. This is phase 1 of my 2020 update so some items (like the outlook rating) are still in flux. The tool is now ready to use for your mock drafts and you will find it very helpful in finding the best players at each and every round of the draft! Go to my website to access the app today!

Author: Jimmie Maverick