Live Draft, Dallas League.  CBS Sports 12-team, Pick #3, PPR Custom Points August 11, 2019

11 Aug, 2019

Friends of mine, Tom and his kid Griffin were up in Santa Fe this weekend and they had a live draft scheduled.  We met up and I helped them out, using My Perfect Fantasy Draft to rate players and we picked a great team!


They operate a PPR custom points league, the biggest change is that their league gives 10 points for each touchdown regardless of whether it's passing, receiving or rushing.  Also each team is limited to 4 RBs and 5 WRs.


Let me just say that CBS Sports maintains the most twisted player rankings I have come across this season.  Who's their #1 overall player? It's not Saquon Barkley - it's Patrick Mahomes!  Who's their top defense?  Not Chicago - it's Buffalo!  This made for some interesting player choices being drafted at what I would consider the "wrong" time.


People are much more gun shy about Running Backs that are holding out.  In my Mocks, Zeke is still gone by the 5th pick, latest.  However in this draft today, he was still on the board at Pick #21!!  Of course we took him, how can you pass that up, and these were Dallas guys!  How could you pass on your hometown hero?


Here's the team we ended up with:

QB - Cam Newton

RB - Christian McCaffrey

RB - Ezekiel Elliott

WR - Robert Woods

WR - Alshon Jeffrey

WR - Larry Fitzgerald

TE - Travis Kelce

DEF - Buffalo

K - Will Lutz


Bench:  James White, Derrius Guice, Marquez Valdez Scantling, Mecole Hardman, Kirk Cousins, Chris Herndon, Dallas DEF, Adam Vinateri


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Author: Jimmie Maverick