My Championship Run - Custom Points League

12 Dec, 2015

Follow my team as I try not to overthink this thing and finally win a championship in this league.

If you'd like to see what happened during the regular season for this team click here.

December 28, 2015

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Tailgate Therapy fantasy football final score week 16

In the end it wasn't even close.  I win by a wide margin as the final score is 118.01 to 94.6.  This was a truely dominant season for me.  Every single week I had the highest projections of anyone and I ended up scoring the most points in my league in both week 15 and 16. 

December 28, 2015

I had a good afternoon yesterday.  Everyone played well enough and I ended the day with 118.01 points, just over my projections.  Hightower and Baldwin really came through and get me 51 points between them, so that saved my day.

My opponent is currently sitting with 78.25 points and has two players going tonight, Ronnie Hillman and the Cincinnatti defense.  Now, on the surface this seems like I've locked this game down.  However, after what happened yesterday in my other league (losing by 1.5 points because of a last second touchdown by Russell Wilson) I'm not taking anything for granted.  

I have a 39.76 point lead right now.  It should be enough.

I'm anticipating this is going to be a low scoring affair, and I would love to be celebrating my first Fantasy Football Championship this evening!

December 27, 2015

Well that didn't go well.  Both New England and Carolina lost today and had generally poor play. 

early game wrap up of week 16

Disappointing across the board.  At least Jarvis Landry had some late game production to save his day, but now the projections are dead even.  I hope the afternoon games go better!

December 27, 2015

Oh, boy.  It's finally here!  I'm just so nervous and excited to see if I can pull this off today.  Here's the matchup for today's big championship game

Tailgate Therapy championship week matchup

Obviously I'm most concerned about his WR tandem of Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins.  These guy's are going to make or break this team today and they both have really nice matchups.

I also have Doug Baldwin slotted in my flex for the afternoon game, but he his questionable.  If he's a no go I'm going to put in either Emmanuel Sanders or there are a few options on the waiver wire that I can pick up last second.  The word is that he will play, though.

December 25, 2015

Well, I was really nervous when I checked the halftime scores last night and Crabtree had managed only one catch.  He did come through in the second half nabbing a pass TD and the getting a few more catches to end up with a better than expected 13.95 points!

Neither of us has anyone playing in Saturday night's Washington/Philly game.

Right now I have a projected 18 point lead over my opponent (120.15 - 102.23).

December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve to all!

I have Michael Crabtree fired up to play tonight, so I hope he posts a solid game at home.

I am concerned that I have all of these Questionables popping up on my lineup.  Both Jarvis Landry and Doug Baldwin are listed as questionable right now and have been missing practice.  I have Emmanuel Sanders on my bench to use in an emergency, but I really don't want to rely of his inconsistant play (although if he has another game like last week, I'm fine with that!).  I'm going to be watching this very closely.

My opponent doesn't have anyone playing tonight.

December 22, 2015

Tim Hightower got me 9.95 points on Monday night so I end the week scoring 132.41, which is about 17 points over my projections.  I score the most points of anybody in the league this week!

December 21, 2015 - Sunday wrap up

After the early games yesterday, I thought I had this thing in the bag.  My opponent only had Amari Cooper, Vernon Davis and Mason Crosby to play and was leading me 80 - 61.21.  However, I still had Jarvis Landry, Michael Crabtree, Doug Baldwin, Steve Hauschka (Seattle's kicker) and the Seattle Defense.

So, no problem right?

Doug Baldwin comes out and scores two quick touchdowns so I nearly close the gap immediately.  I turn the TV off and go to a friend's party.  About an hour later I check my score and I am shocked to see the Giants with a lead as Amari Cooper is lighting things up against Green Bay (25 points).

I also find out that Crabtree has left the game to be tested for concussion protocol (but he did come back).  

The fourth quarter comes around I am about 10 points down.  Now, I really want to have the victory wrapped up so I'm not depending on Hightower on Monday night to win this game for me.  The final quarter becomes this accordian game as I slowly close this gap (maybe even take a small lead) and then he scores some points and retakes the lead.  We do this three times in the final minutes of the game but I finally have a few key receptions from Landry and Crabtree to take the lead and hold it for good!

Championship game, here I come!  Although I am a perrennial bridesmaid in this league (really good at making the playoffs, have never won), I think this is finally my year!  This is my first trip to the championship game since 2005.

December 20, 2015 - Early Game Wrap-Up

Despite the last second scare by the Giants, Cam Newton absolutely annihilated it today.  340 pass yards, 5 passing TDs and 100 rush yards!!!! MVP all the way with this guy!  I get 34.41 points.

Denard Robinson is great as a fill in, even though he didn't hit his projections, he gets 28 rush yards and 8 catches for 45 yards.  Love that PPR!  He doesn't quite hit his projections, but 13.1 points is solid.

Rob Gronkowski gets 5 receptions for 54 yards and a TD for 13.7 points.

I get 61.21 points from my 3 players.  A solid beginning and I am in command right now.  He had 4 players in the early games and scored 61.4 points with them (Manning, Beckham, Gore and the Kansas City Defense.

December 20, 2015

My opponent had both his running backs playing in last night's Dallas/New York Jets game.  Chris Ivory totally blew it, managing only 4.95 points.  Darren McFadden had a better than expected game and earned 13.65 points, so combined they ended up slightly underperforming their projections (by about 4 points).  That is good for me for today.

The other big news from yesterday is that I just wasn't happy having Shaun Draughn in my lineup for this weekend, so I decided to check the waiver wires and I am shocked to see Denard Robinson still sitting there and available!  I use my 29th trade to pick him up and slot him into my lineup.  This means I have only one trade left for week 16, so no whammies this weekend!  Here's my lineup for week 15:Tailgate Therapy Fantasy Football lineup for week 15

Right now I have a 20 point projected advantage in this game, so I'm feeling pretty confident today.  The big thing is that I hope Carolina will be able to contain Eli and Odell.  Certainly the Carolina defense is better than Miami, so the chances of them combining for almost 50 fantasy points is pretty low in my opinion.

Bench:  Shaun Draughn, Jonathan Stewart (out), Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman

December 17, 2015

Neither me nor my opponent have anyone playing in the Thursday night game.

December 15, 2015

In the end it wasn't even close.  The Santa Fe Giants destroyed the Xenomorphs on Monday night with Manning throwing for 4 touchdowns and ODB getting 30 points!

The Giants ended up winning 118.78 - 88.51 and now I'm worried.

Even though I started Doug Baldwin in my lineup (he scored 28) and I had a big night from Jarvis Landry last night (20.75 points), I only scored 112.1 points which means I would have lost.  It looks like our matchup is going to come down to the Giants/Carolina game on Sunday as he has Manning and Beckham and I have Newton and Stewart.

Right now I'm favored 112.1 to 101.36.  Here's the inital matchup.

I've got some nice matchups across the board, I just hope that Carolina doesn't decide to slump this weekend or that could kill me. 

On the other side of the playoffs there was a stunning upset as the Duke City Imposters beat the formerly hot Mad Seeds 98.56 to 90.8.  The difference in this game was that the Mad Seeds didn't get the memo on Sunday morning that Gronk was active and he kept Scott Chandler in as his TE.  Chandler ended up producing a goose egg on Sunday as a result.  Also, Duke City started Tedd Ginn and he only managed 3 catches on Sunday, but two of them were for touchdowns - lucky bastard!

I've said this before and I'll say it again, you have to check your team on gameday to see if there are any last minute changes to the status of your players!

The other bye team, Moodas, should be worried as they scored the lowest points amongst all the playoff teams with 81.88.  They also lost TJ Yeldon, probably for the season.  Right now the initial matchup has Duke City favored, but Moodas hasn't moved Yeldon from his RB2 slot, so I'm guessing it will be a pretty even matchup when all is said and done.

December 13, 2015

Given that I have the week off, here is what is happening in today's playoff game, the winner plays me in week 15.

I always like to set my own lineup to see how I would do against my future opponents, so here's my lineup for week 14.

QB - Cam Newton (proj points 17.2)

WR - Jarvis Landry (proj points 15.46)

WR - Emmanuel Sanders (proj points 10.47)

RB - Jonathan Stewart (proj points 14.53)

RB - Shaun Draughn (proj points 13.96)

TE - Jacob Tamme (proj points 9.8) - I've heard Gronk will play today, but he's probably going to be in a limited role.

FLEX - Doug Baldwin (proj points 10.68)

K - Steven Hauschka (proj points 8.3)

DEF - Seattle (proj points 8.11)

Bench:  Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Langford, Rob Gronkowski, DeMarco Murray.

My projection is 108.51 points so I'm slightly favored over both of these guys.

December 12, 2015

Let me quickly catch you up with what's happening in this division.  This is a 12 team league which has a 13 week regular season and a 3 week playoff.  In the playoffs the top two teams get a bye week while the #3 plays #6 (winner plays #2) and #4 plays #5 (winner plays #1).  I end the season with a 10-3 record and a #2 ranking so week 14 is a bye week for me.  I also ended the season scoring 1,527.09 points, which is 80 points more than the second highest scoring team got this season!

This is a custom points league, it has PPR but there are some modifications.  Passing only gets 1 point for every 35 yards and pass TDs get 3 points, this severely limits the value of Quarterbacks.  Rushing gets 1 point for 10 yards and 6 points for rush TDs.  This is a points per reception league (PPR) and receivers get 1 point for every catch, but only get 1 point for every 20 yards receiving and 6 points for receiving TDs.  Also, this league gives 1 point for every 20 return yards, so punt and kick returners are more valuable.

I really lucked out with the playoffs as I ended up with two of the lower scoring teams playing eachother and the winner plays me.  Both of these teams have averaged about 100 points per week during the season.  My team has averaged 117 points per week during that same time period, so I'm not to worried about making it to the championship game, but I need Gronkowski back by week 16 in order to secure a win.  Here's a breakdown of my team:

QB - Cam Newton (#1 among QBs, #2 overall) - Because passing production is so discounted in this league, having a running QB is very valuable.  Cam has exceeded all my expecatations this season as the Panthers have had an awesome season so far.  Cam has scored me 228.31 points this season and a good chunk of that has come from his 476 rush yards and 7 rush TDs.   I picked him up in the 7th round of the draft and he has been an every week starter for me.  He was my target from the beginning as I thought that Russell Wilson was much too expensive at his ADP (#27), and that was a great choice because Wilson is currently #6 among QBs in this league.

WR - Jarvis Landry (#5 among WR, #10 overall) - Jarvis was one of my screaming buys during the draft as his ADP was in the 6th round but his value was #17 in this league because he's a punt returner.  As you can see he has exceeded even that lofty goal this season!  He's earned me 193.36 points.  In this league, punt returners get 1 point for every 20 return yards.  Jarvis has had 507 return yards, giving me an extra 25 points and helping to smooth out some of his weaker games (his week 13 performance notwithstanding). 

TE - Rob Gronkowski (#1 among TE, #30 overall) - Rob was my #1 pick and has fully lived up to his expectations.  I'm happy to say that Rob will be back for my playoffs after sustaining a knee injury in week 12, he's already listed as questionable and has been practicing on a limited basis this week.  He's earned me 157.8 points this season.  I'm probably okay without Gronk in week 15 but I know I need him back for the championship game if I'm going to have a chance to win.

WR - Michael Crabtree (#11 among WR, #38 overall) - This was my best pickup of the year as Oakland's offense has really come on.  He's scored 146 points this season and has been a decent replacement when I lost Edelman in week 10.  He's got a couple of tough matchups in week 14 and 15, but he plays San Diego in week 16 and that's a definite start!

RB - Jonathan Stewart (#11 among RB, #45 overall) - Another awesome pickup as he got dumped after his first few poor games, but he has really come on after Carolina had a bye.  I'm glad I got him too because the RBs I drafted were a sorry lot indeed (DeMarco Murray and Alfred Morris).  He has a great end of season schedule, as well.

RB - DeMarco Murray (#14 among RB, #55 overall) - DeMarco has been woefully inconsistent and is currently sitting on my bench.  He did have some good weeks in the middle of the season but Philly has been super frustrating with Murray.

WR - Emmanuel Sanders (#28 among WR, #76 overall) - Emmanuel has had some PPR value this season but has really struggled since hurting his ankle.  He is borderline bench value at this point with his inconsistent play.

DEF - Seattle (#4 among DEF) - Seattle has been great since I picked them in the 8th round.  They have a great end of season schedule as well.

RB - Shaun Draughn was picked up when I decided to bench Murray and he's gotten good volume at San Francisco.

TE - Jacob Tamme is my makeshift TE until Gronk comes back.

WR - Doug Baldwin has been having some monster games lately and I love Seattle's end of season schedule.

RB - Jeremy Langford was great when filling in for an injured Matt Forte, but he's been pushed into second fiddle status now.

K - Steven Hauschka is another of my Seahawk pickups, I'm hoping for a lot of field goals against these weak opponents.  I was running with Cincinatti's kicker, but their end of season schedule is pretty brutal, so I'm staying away.

Along with these guys I had Julian Edelman who scored me 141.5 points before his season ended in week 10.  I've been super lucky with injuries on this team so far (knock on wood).

Overall I had an excellent draft and my app helped tremendously in finding the best value players.  I've always said that success in fantasy is 40% draft, 40% managing your team and 20% luck.  I had the #1 ranked draft, I picked up some critical help during the season, and I avoided multiple injuries and a tough schedule (I was #7 in points scored against).  I've been playing in this league for a dozen years and have never won a championship.  I really feel that this is my year!  I just have to trust my players and not overthink the matchups over the next few weeks!



Author: Jim Kutsko