My PPR League - 2015

13 Sep, 2015

This will be an ongoing blog tracking what happens with my PPR league

December 9, 2015

Even though the fourth playoff spot hasn't been secured yet, the winner of this league is going to be one of the top 3 teams.  The fourth spot will be one of two teams, both of which have scored at least 100 points less than the top 3 teams have scored this season.  I don't expect whomever ends up at #4 will make it past the #1 team.  Here's a breakdown of the top 3 to show you how close we all are to one another.

#1  DeAnna's team has a record of 10-3, she has scored 1,824.08 points this season and has had 1,596.1 points scored against her.  Her top player is RB - Davonta Freeman who ranks as the #14 overall scorer in this league (#1 among RBs).  Other notable players include WR - O'Dell Beckham Jr. (#4 scoring Wide Receiver) and Larry Fitzgerald (#7 scoring Wide Receiver).  She drafted strong and has pretty much run with the team she drafted, only making 5 trades during the season.  She's done very well with what she has, but she's facing some significant challenges including starting Matt Ryan as her QB and I just found out that her RB, Mark Ingram, is dealing with a significant shoulder injury that may end his season.  She'll need to go to the waiver wire to fix these items, but her team is the cream of the crop right now.

#2  Spitum's team has a record of 9-4, and he defeated Deanna's team in week 13.  He's scored 1,778.62 points this season and has had 1,589.88 points scored against.  His top player is QB - Blake Bortles who is #5 overall and #5 among QBs.  Other notable players include WR - Allen Robinson (#6 among WRs) and RB - Adrian Peterson (#2 among RBs).  He's also had a couple of key pickups, including getting Thomas Rawls from Seattle.  I don't see any real weaknesses on this team and I'm most definitely going to face him in the first week of the playoffs.  He's been on a tear the past two weeks, scoring an impressive 349.94 points, I can only hope he cools off by the time I face him in week 15.

#3 My team has a record of 8-5 and I've scored 1,791.68 points and have had 1,588.20 points scored against.  My top player is QB - Tom Brady who is #1 overall and #1 among QBs.  My other notable players are DeAndre Hopkins (#3 among WRs) and Greg Olsen (#2 among TEs).  I beat Spitum in week one but then I lost to both of these teams in November during my points slump.

Here's our projected points for week14:

Deanna 143.06

Spitum 138.43

My team 141.7

That's a total of 4.63 points seprating our teams.  The next highest projected score is 127.2!  

In my opinion, DeAnna is in real trouble, she's been able to coast with a good draft and has avoided the injury bug for the most part, but Matt Ryan has tough matchups against Carolina this week and in week 16.  Losing Ingram will also really hurt her as doesn't have any great choices on her bench (Eddie Lacy and Joique Bell).  Right now it looks like the winner of this league will be either me or Spitum and that will be decided in week 15.

December 7, 2015

YES! YES! YES!  My team has a dominant performance and I think I have my playoff slot locked up now!  My pickups did very well!

QB - Tom Brady and the Pats had a terrible game last night and suffered their second loss of the season, but Brady still ended up with 312 passing yards and 3 TDs, 17 rush yards and a rushing TD and caught a 36 yard reception from Danny Amendola.  He ended the day with a massive 40.78 points.

WR - DeAndre Hopkins had a good day as well with 5 receptions for 88 yards and a TD for 19.8 points, which is right in line with expectations.

RB - Jonathan Stewart and the rest of the Panthers really got a run for their money in New Orleans on Sunday, but he delivered with 82 rush yards and a TD along with 4 catches for 29 yards, earning 18.3 points.  Going forward there are some questions as the Panthers have locked up their division and the coach has said he wants to "spell" Stewart these next few weeks to keep him fresh.  So I'm not sure how I'm going to play that.

RB - Charcandrick West did not have a strong game coming off his injury.  He split time with Spencer Ware so I'm not sure how to play that going forward.  West got 35 rush yards and 2 catches for 9 yards, so he ended up with a very disappointing 6.3 points.

TE - Greg Olsen was another beneficiary of that shootout with the Saints.  He ended up with 9 catches for 129 yards and 19.9 points.

FLEX - Martavis Bryant was awesome last night with 4 catches for 114 yards and a TD!  He got 21.4 points.

K - Chandler Catanzano.  It's nice to have a kicker on an offensive powerhouse like Arizona, he got 9 points with 2 field goals and 3 PATs.

DEF - Kansas City is just killing it right now and they got 17 points!  I'm glad I have these guys for the playoffs because they are playing lights out right now.

I end the week with the second highest points scored at 165.38 and I beat my opponent by over 30 points (neither of us has anyone playing tonight).  It was nice to outperform expectations and I hope this is a sign of things to come for December!  

December 5, 2015

My must win matchup just got tougher.  Thursday night was not good for me. 

I started Randall Cobb and he had a typically underwhelming performance again.  He ended up with 4 receptions for 29 yards.  Luckily he managed to recover a fumble in the endzone to save the day but he still ended up underperforming expectations yet again with 12.8 points (versus an expected 15.06).

On the other side, my opponent started Richard Rodgers as his tight end.  Rodgers was having a good game until the final "hail mary" play.  He managed to catch a 61 yard pass for a TD to win the game.  This play immediately added 13.1 points to his score so he ended the day with 28.6 points.  Now his projections are 150.56 versus my 138.49 so I'm the underdog heading into Sunday.

Here's my lineup for week 13

QB - Tom Brady (proj points 29.07) - It should be a good game for him regardless of whether of not Amendola is able to play.  Philly has been horrible on both sides of the ball.

WR - DeAndre Hopkins (proj points 19.69) - I need a big game from Hopkins, one that he has yet to deliver since I got him in that big trade. It looks like he'll be fine, he was upgraded from Questionable to Probable.

RB - Jonathan Stewart (proj points 14.97) - I'm confident he'll have a good game against New Orleans.

RB - Charcandrick West (proj points 14.35) - I'm going to wait until morning to see his status, if he's still having issues I might start either Bernard or Ware in his place.  He's been listed as probable all week, so I think he'll be fine.

TE - Greg Olsen (proj points 16.15) - The guy's been rock solid all year, I'm looking for another big game from this guy.

Flex - Martavis Bryant (proj points 15.39) - His status was also upgraded from Questionable to Probable, so he looks good for a matchup against Indy.

K - I dumped my Philly kicker and picked up Chandler Catanzaro from Arizona, he's done good for me in one of my other leagues.

DEF - I also dumped St. Louis after their recent spate of horrible defensive performances.  I picked up Kansas City because their schedule looks really good for the playoffs.  They've got Oakland this week, San Diego next week, Baltimore in week 15 and then Cleveland in week 16.  They should be good in every one of these games.

Bench:  Amendola (still listed as questionable), Spencer Ware, Giovani Bernard, Stevie Johnson, James Starks, Gary Barnidge, Golden Tate and Alex Smith.

Right now I'm in danger of slipping to 4th if I lose, then week 14 becomes a must win in order to make the playoffs.  If I win I'm almost guaranteed a playoff spot.  However, my playoff run will be very short if this team doesn't start living up to its potential. 

December 3, 2015

So I log onto my fantasy team this morning and find all three of my starting Wide Receivers, Hopkins, Amendola and Bryant are all listed as Questionable for this weekend!  I decide to start Randall Cobb into one of my Wide Receiver slots for tonight's game because he is healthy and should have a decent game.  I need to do this because if any of these guys end up as inactive, I won't have any good options for the weekend.

Nevertheless, this is very stressful as I need a win this weekend and I have a tough matchup against the current #5 team.

This means for tonight I am playing Randall Cobb and he is playing Richard Rodgers (TE).

November 30, 2015

Another disappointing week as I underperform for the 4th week in a row and have now gone 1-3 in those games.

QB - Tom Brady has a great game, throwing for 280 yards and 3 TDs, so I end up with 29.2 points on Sunday night.  Unfortunately, Brady loses another weapon in Gronkowski, so his value is suspect going forward.

WR - DeAndre Hopkins did nothing against one of the worst defenses in the league this season, only catching 5 balls for 36 yards.  I get 8.6 points.

RB - Giovani Bernard also underperforms with only 16 rush yards and 2 catches for 51 yards and no TDs, 8.7 points.

FLEX - Spencer Ware has a great game with Charcandric West out, he gets 114 rush yards and a TD along with 3 receptions for 1 yard and 23.5 points.

DEF - St. Louis has not been good as of late, they only get 2 points in a blowout loss to Cincinnatti.

I end the week with 110.1 points, which is 18 below my projections.  Neither of us have anyone playing on Monday night.  I did have a chance to win this but my opponent was playing CJ Anderson last night and he completely negated everything that Brady did, earning a season high 34.3 points!

If there's any schadenfreude, both the team above me and the team below me also lost.  The team above me scored 181.06 points and still lost!!!  I hope he was playing some daily fantasy because that team would have won some money (Bortles, Green, Robinson, Peterson, McCoy, Eifert, Rawls, Gano, Minnesota)!

November 28, 2015

QB - Tom Brady (proj points 23.49) - This could be his worst game of the year but I don't have an alternative right now. The whole offense is running on life support with all these injuries. Amendola isn't playing either.

WR - DeAndre Hopkins (proj points 22.19) - The New Orleans defense has made everyone who's played them look good.  Hopkins is already good so he should be great tomorrow!

RB - Giovani Bernard (proj points 14.56) - I think he'll be catching the ball a lot.

FLEX - Spencer Ware (proj points 13.34) - Playing in place of Charcandrick West so he should have a huge day.

DEF - St. Louis (proj points 5.91) - Has not been playing well and has a tough matchup against CIN.

Bench:  Danny Amendola (out), Charcandrick West (out), Stevie Johnson, James Starks, Gary Barnridge, Golden Tate, Jay Cutler, Martavis Bryant

It's hard to know who I want to start when I have to chose between Spencer Ware, Gary Barnidge and Martavis Bryant.  Right now I'm favored to win by 24 points.

November 27, 2015

I ended up with a very mediocre performance from my players on Thanksgiving, but I still have the advantage for the week.

WR - Randall Cobb got 6 catches for 76 yards, so I ended up with 13.4 points, just under projections.

RB - Jonathan Stewart got 68 rush yards and 3 catches for 9 yards but no TDs, so he also was just under his projections with 10.7 points.

TE - Greg Olsen caught 5 balls for 70 yards, so he got me 12.

K - C. Sturgis was just as miserable as the rest of the Philly offense with only 2 PATs made, so I get 2 points.

I ended the day with 38.1 points, but my opponent had a worse day than me.

QB - Cam Newton had a decent game but was under projections because he didn't get any passing TDs, so he gets 17.82 points

RB - DeMarco Murray was a total bust with only 30 rush yards and no catches, 3 points there.

K - Mason Crosby had a good game with 2 field goals and a PAT for 9 points.

He ended the day with 29.82 points but now his projections are 94.26 for the week versus my 117.5.  So it looks like my team is going to underperform again.  I hope I have a big Sunday!

November 26, 2015

I'm just watching the Macy's Day Parade and setting my lineup.  Here's who I've got playing today.

WR - Randall Cobb (proj points 14.28) - I'm thinking he's due for a big day and this is a pretty bad defense.  I did have Amendola in this spot but he's still listed as questionable for Sunday.

RB - Jonathan Stewart (proj points 12.29) - He's been getting nice usage the past few weeks.

TE - Greg Olsen (proj points 15.21) - A big game from Carolina would be very good for me!

K - Caleb Sturgis (proj points 7.27 points)

My opponent is playing Cam Newton, DeMarco Murray and Mason Crosby so there will be plenty of points scored on both teams today.  I am currently favored by about 13 points.

November 25, 2015

No surprise that I won by a large margin on Monday night.

Tom Brady ended the game with his lowest point total of the season.  He ended with 277 pass yards, 1 TD and 1 INT for 16.08 points.  Remember how I said Brady might break Mannings record a few weeks ago, well that's not going to happen.  All these injuries to the Patriots are starting to stack up.

Danny Amendola stepped in nicely for Julian Edelman, nabbing 9 catches for 117 yards for 20.7 points.  However, he was also injured during the game and is now questionable for week 12.

I ended up scoring the top points in the league this week, so that offsets the fact that I've now underperformed my projections for 3 weeks in a row.  This league is crazy as no playoff slots have been locked up with only 3 weeks to go.  Right now we have 1 team at 9-2, one at 8-3, me at 7-4, one at 6-5, one at 5-6 and five teams at 4-7!  I also closed the gap for high points as I am only 26.02 points off the leader.

November 23, 2015

Another disappointing week but I'm pretty sure I've got the win locked down.

WR - DeAndre Hopkins - It doesn't matter who's throwing him the ball, this guy is awesome!  Five catches for 118 yards and 2 TDs nets me 28.8!

RB - Jonathan Stewart has a great day with 102 rush yards and a catch for 12 yards and a TD for 21.4 points.

RB - Charcandrick West has to leave the game with a hamstring injury so he only gets 16 rush yards and 2 catches for 48 yards, netting 8.4 points.

TE - Greg Olsen gets 3 catches for 54 yards and a TD, ending up with 14.4 points.

FLEX - Stevie Johnson has a decent game considering San Diego only scored 3 points, but he catches 7 passes for 54 yards and 12.4 points.

K - Caleb Sturgis gets me 6 points.

DEF - St. Louis has been terrible as of late as they lose to Baltimore and only earn me 3 lousy points!

I end the weekend with 97.4 points, and I am 6.54 points behind my opponent, who scored 103.94.  However, I still have Brady and Amendola to play on Monday night, so barring some Act of God, this game is in the bag!  However, it looks like I will underperform for the 3rd week in a row, although my score will definitely be better than it has been.  I should maintain my #3 rank and it looks like I'll score the most points this week!

November 21, 2015

Here's who I'm rolling with in week 11:

QB - Tom Brady (proj points 28.33) - Brady needs a big game on Monday night

WR - DeAndre Hopins (proj points 18.26) - He had that sick catch to save his performance last week.  I hope this backup QB knows how to throw.

WR - Danny Amendola (proj points 16.86) - He only needs to be almost as good as Edelman.  Plays Monday night.

RB - Jonathan Stewart (proj points 18.34)

RB - Charcandrick West (proj points 20.49) - Just keep rolling, Char!

TE - Greg Olsen (proj points 14.17) -

FLEX - Stevie Johnson (proj points 15.37) - Kind of a gamble, but I don't like Cobb or Tate and Bryant is on bye.

K - Caleb Sturgis (proj points 8.04)

DEF - St. Louis (proj points 8.7)

BENCH:  Randall Cobb, Giovani Bernard, James Starks, Gary Barnidge (bye), Martavis Bryant (bye), Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, Jay Cutler

Right now I have the advantage with a projected score of 148.56 to 132.81.  However, given how this team has underperformed the past 2 weeks, I hope this is enough.  I've decided to bench James Starks and Randall Cobb after their lackluster performances last week.  In their place I've put in Charcandrick West (who I never should have benched last week, but he was playing against Denver) and Stevie Johnson.  I'm also hoping that Amendola is able to replicate what Edelman has done. 

November 19, 2015

Neither me nor my opponent have any players in the Thursday night game.

November 17, 2015

As I've said, this is a super competitive league.  Right now we've got one team at 8-2, one at 7-3, one at 6-4 (that's me), two teams at 5-5, four teams at 4-6 and one team at 3-7.  With 4 games to go, no one has locked up a playoff spot!

So it's really disappointing that my formerly dominant team has lost two critical games against the top two teams.  I also suffered another huge injury as Julian Edelman broke his foot on Sunday.  I scored my season low points with only 110.76 against a projection of 148.87.  The good news is that I have some amazing talent on my bench that is killing it right now.  Charcandrick West scored 31.1 against the Denver defense!  Martavis Bryant got 27.8 points.  Gary Barnidge had a great game with Johnny Manziel, getting 18.5 points.  Even my backup QB, Jay Cutler, outplayed Tom Brady and got 30 points!

Here's the week 10 wrap up

QB - Tom Brady had a very pedestrian game with 334 pass yards, 2 TDs and an Interception for 23.26 points.  I'm not that surprised he's struggled given that New York always seems to have his number and he lost Edelman in the middle of the game.  However, I hope he starts to pick it back up soon and get back to what he was doing in the first half of the season!

WR - Julian Edelman is injured and lost for the rest of the fantasy season, he got me 9.3 points before the injury.

WR - Randall Cobb continues his slump season with only 5 receptions for 53 yards against a bad defense!  I'm not sure what's going on in Green Bay as they've now lost 3 games in a row.

RB - Giovani Bernard had a good game considering that Cincinatti only scored 6 points.  He got 36 rush yards and 5 receptions for 43 yards for 12.9 points.

RB - James Starks scored just under his projections with 15.6 points (vs. an expected 15.9).

TE - Greg Olsen had a good game with 8 receptions for 80 yards and 16 points.

FLEX - My big acquisiton, DeAndre Hopkins scored the only TD last night but ended with a disappointing 16.7 points with only 5 receptions for 57 yards and a TD.

K - Caleb Sturgis made a field goal and 2 PATs for 5 points.

DEF - St. Louis was blown up by Chicago of all teams and only managed 2 points after allowing Chicago to score 37.

November 15, 2015

Here's my week 10 matchup

QB - Tom Brady (proj points 29.64)

WR - Julian Edelman (proj points 19.31)

WR - Randall Cobb (proj points 19.24)

RB - Giovani Bernard (proj points 13.24)

RB - James Starks (proj points 15.9)

TE - Greg Olsen (proj points 13.63)

Flex - DeAndre Hopkins (proj points 20.43)

K - Caleb Sturgis (proj points 8.06)

DEF - St. Louis (proj points 9.36)

Bench:  Gary Barnidge, Martavis Bryant, Jonathan Stewart, Charcandrick West, Shane Vereen, Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, Jay Cutler.

My opponent already scored 23.9 points with LeSean McCoy, so that kind of puts my team behind the 8-ball as his projections now at about 140 points vs. my projected 148 points.

November 12, 2015

I don't have anyone playing in tonight's Jets/Bills game.

My opponent has LeSean McCoy playing, who is dealing with a shoulder injury and might find a lot of his touches vultured by Karlos Williams.  Not a great play in my opinion.

November 11, 2015

I just concluded a big trade.  One of the lower tier teams has Roethlisberger and Kaepernick as their QBs.  I have Brees sitting on my bench doing nothing.  I decide to offer a trade to further strengthen my team.  He has DeAndre Hopkins.  I offer him Brees and TY Hilton for Hopkins and Kaepernick.  I was thinking of asking for Roethlisberger but I didn't want to be greedy.  Obviously Brady is firing on all cylinders and I'm not going to bench him and TY's value takes a hit with Luck out from 2-6 weeks.  I get the #2 Wide Receiver to compliment Edelman and Cobb for the rest of the season!

The trade will close on Friday.  I hope it goes through.

November 10, 2015

I had my worst game of the season and summarily lost in a low scoring affair against the #1 team.  However, things continue to go my way as I avoid any drop in my ranking (I retain my #2 position) because the team below me who had a chance to jump me also lost in a close game on Monday night.  In week 10 I get to face this team and am the preliminary underdog in this contest (but I still have to pick up a kicker).

Man, this is a very tough league.  Right now the #1 team sits at 7-2.  I'm at 6-3 with one other team.  Then there's one team with a 5-4 record.  Everyone else has a losing record and there are 3 teams tied for last with a 3-6 record.  We're down to the final 5 games of the regular season so there's a lot of jockying for position.  A win this week will be huge in securing my playoff spot.  I looked at my remaining schedule and after this week I face #8, #10, #7 and end the season against the #4 team.  I am currently favored to win all these matchups so a final record of 10-4 is certainly possible.  

November 9, 2015

It looks like, barring some kind of miracle, that I will have my 3rd loss of the season.  Right now I'm down by 6.06 points and we each have one player to go.  I have San Diego's kicker, Josh Lambo and she has Alshon Jeffrey.  So unless Jeffrey gets completely shut down by the stout San Diego defense (yeah, right) I'm going to lose and I'm probably going to drop to #3 as the current #3 team looks like they're going to win (however, this will be close).

November 8, 2015

Early game wrapup - Well the expected point fest did not occur and it looks like both of our teams will not meet our projections for the week.  I am currently in the lead 106.36 points (one player, my kicker, still to play) and my opponent has 40.5 (with 5 players still to play).

Here's my lineup for week 9

QB - Tom Brady (proj points 27.62) - Kind of an underwhelming game as they played clock killing after jumping out to an early lead.  It's hard to complain about a 299 yard performance with 2 TDs, but he only ends up earning 22.86 points.

WR - Julian Edelman (proj points 17.71)- Julian gets 5 catches for 55 yards and a TD, getting 14.5 points.

WR - Martavis Bryant (proj points 13.92) - A pretty quiet game but he gets a Touchdown and 31 receiving yards for 12.1 points.

RB - Jonathan Stewart (proj points 13.00 points) - Gets 66 rush yards and a catch for 2 yards for 7.8 points.

RB - Giovani Bernard (played Thursday) - 9.6 points earned

TE - Greg Olsen (proj points 15.22 points) - Has a great game with 4 catches for 66 yards and a TD for 16.6 points.

FLEX - Randall Cobb (proj points 18.98 points) - Cobb had a couple of nice catches and ends the day with 4 catches for 99 yards and a TD for 19.9 points.

K - Josh Lambo (proj points 8.2) - Plays Monday night.

DEF - St. Louis (proj points 8.2) - Kinds of blows it against Minnesota and only ends up with 3 points.

Bench:  Gary Barnidge, TY Hilton, Charcandrick West (bye), Shane Vereen, Golden Tate, Drew Brees, James Starks, Marvin Jones. I have some huge games from my bench as Drew Brees continues his hot streak and gets 38 points.  James Starks rules the Green Bay backfield and gets 24 points. 

November 7, 2015

I've put the over/under on my game this week at a monsterous 350 points.  Think that's impossible?  Last week our two teams scored a combined 336.82 points! 

Thursday's game didn't help either of us when it comes to hitting this goal.

Bernard had a solid game with 72 rush yards and a catch for 14 yards but no touchdowns as Tyler Eifert hogged them all.  Bernard ends up below projections with 9.6 points.

I almost started Gary Barnidge and I'm glad I kept him on my bench.  He only mustered 5.5 points.

My opponent started the Cincinatti defense and they have a decent game, netting 7 points.  Also below projections.

November 5, 2015

I have Giovani Bernard on tap for tonight's game.

My opponent has the Cincinatti defense up.

November 4, 2015

I have two high profile games over the next 2 weeks that are critical for me to maintain my position.  Right now I'm in a three way tie with a record of 6-2 and I'm second in points.  This week I play the #1 team and it will be a high scoring affair.  I'm currently the underdog with a projected 135 points against 140 for her.  What's amazing is she has 4 players that started last week on bye for week 9 and she still has a point advantage over me (I only have Charcandrick West on bye).  We are projected to be the two highest scoring teams in the league this week.

In week 10 I get to play the #3 team, who I defeated in week 1 but he has vastly improved since that time.  He has a tough matchup as well in week 9, but if he wins, then they'll both have a one game lead over me.  I looked at the week 10 matchup and I currently have a slight advantage, but it's not going to be easy.

November 3, 2015

Week 8 wrap up.

Here's how my players did on Sunday:

WR - Martavis Bryant catches 4 passes for 49 yards but no Touchdowns.  What?  I'm really disappointed with how low octaine the Steelers offense has been this season and now they've lost Le'Veon Bell.  I get 8.9 points.

K - Josh Lambo makes 2 field goals and 2 PATS for 9 points.

DEF - St. Louis does as expected against the hapless 49ers, so I get 12 points there.

I end Sunday with 117.54 points with 3 players still to play (TY Hilton, Johnathan Stewart and Greg Olsen).  I have a commanding 33.14 point lead, but my opponent also has 2 players playing on Monday night, Andrew Luck and Donte Montcrief.  Really I'm not worried at all unless Luck has a day like Drew Brees had.

Monday night comes and I have no problem.  The weather is a mess in the first half, so Luck doesn't do anything until the 4th quarter.  Here's how my players do:

WR - TY Hilton ends up with 1 catch on 7 targets for 15 yards.  Carolina had him blanketed all night so I'm not surprised at this.  I get 2.5 points.

RB - Johnathan Stewart gets me 13.3 points with 82 rush yards and a rush TD.

TE - Greg Olsen gets 6 receptions for 79 yards and a TD for 19.9 points.

In the end it's more than enough as I end up with 153.24 points and move to 6-2.  Unfortunately I lose my #1 ranking due to the fact that my chief rival, Dianna's Team, scored 183.58 points.  Which is fine.  We will clash for the #1 slot in week 9.

November 1, 2015

Here's the rest of my lineup for week 8:

WR - TY Hilton (proj points 15.91)

WR - Martavis Bryant (proj points 13.87) - Until Randall Cobb can show me some production, Bryant will get the start.

RB - Jonathan Stewart (proj points 13.04) - Wanted to start Bernard, but this was a better matchup in my opinion.

RB - Charcandrick West (proj points 13.64).  In the early game in London, West has another awesome game with 97 rush yards a rush TD, along with 4 catches for 25 yards.  He ends up with 22.2 points!

TE - Greg Olsen (proj points 13.69)

K - Josh Lambo (proj points 8.07)

DEF - St. Louis (proj points 10.42)

Bench:  Giovani Bernard, Shane Vereen, Randall Cobb, Gary Barnidge, Golden Tate, Drew Brees, James Starks, Marvin Jones

October 29, 2015

Both me and my opponent have a bunch of players playing tonight.  I'm playing:

Tom Brady (proj points 27.11) - Another masterful performance with 356 pass yards and 4 TDs for 38.34 points!  Brady is having the best season of his career right now.  If you want to know how massively dominant Brady has been this year, Through 7 weeks he has scored me 227.4 points.  The number 2 point scorer is Devonta Freeman who is 40 points behind Brady right now with 187.1 points.  He is freaking awesome right now!

Julian Edelman (proj points 18.42) - Edelman has a huge game with 7 catches for 81 yards and 2 TDs, so I end up with 27.10 points.  You know, everyone's been talking about DeAndre Hopkins and Julio Jones this season, but Edelman is only 150 yards behind each of them in receiving yards and he's scored more touchdowns.  Again, Edelman has only played 7 games whereas Hopkins and Jones have played 8!

I end with 65.44 points from two players, which is half of my projected points for the week!  A nice setup for this weekend.

My opponent has 3 players playing

Jarvis Landry (proj points 16.04) - Jarvis has a great game considering how much Miami struggled, but he just isn't worth as much in this league because they don't give him any points for return yards.  He gets 6 catches for 71 yards and 13.1 points.

Lagarrette Blount (proj poits (11.79) - Underperforms but still has a good game with 71 rush yards and a catch for 2 yards, earning 8.4 points.

New England defense (proj points 8.78) - New England really poured it on last night.  5 sacks, a safety, 2 interceptions and holding Miami to 7 points earns him 15.

I call this a pretzel game because I have Jarvis in my other league so I want him to do well, but not too well.  Likewise I want Brady to do what he did last week, throw the ball a ton and abandon the run game.  Finally, I want Miami to score a lot of points against the New England defense.

This game is really going to set the tone for this weekend so I need a big game out of both my guys because I'm favored by less than 5 points this week.

October 27, 2015

Surprise, surprise!  I wake up to find that I have taken the #1 position with a massive 1.3 point lead over the former #1 team.

October 26, 2015

It looks like I've secured another victory and I snap a 3 game streak of scoring less than my projections.  Here's how my team did:

QB - Tom Brady has an incredible 4th quarter in his game against the jets and ends with 355 pass yards, 2 TDs along with 15 rush yards and a rush TD.  I get 33.7 points.

WR - TY Hilton does fantastic despite only catching 4 of 15 targets, he somehow only gets huge plays as he ends with 150 yards and 2 TDs for 31 points.

WR - Martavis Bryant has a solid game on a team that can't get Ben Roethlisberger back fast enough!  13 rush yards, 3 receptions for 45 yards and a TD for 14.8 points.

RB - Shane Vereen does well enough with 56 rush yards and 1 reception for 6 yards and 7.2 points.

RB - Jonathan Stewart has a great game with 124 rush yards and 15.5 points!

TE - Greg Olsen is disappointing with only 3 receptions for 65 yards and 9.5 points.  I now have a serious issue with should I start Barnidge going forward as he is consistently ouplaying Olsen this season

FLEX - Julian Edelman has a meh game with 5 receptions for 54 yards and 10.4 points.

K - Josh Lambo does what I hoped with 2 field goal and a PAT for 9 points.

DEF - St. Louis goes off against poor Cleveland with 4 sacks, 4 recovered fumbles, a defensive TD and they only allow 6 points, so I end up with 25 points! 

I end up with 156.1 points and i have a 55 point lead over my opponent who still has Justin Forsett to play tonight, so my victory is locked in right now.  Also, the current #1 team will lose badly this week so that will bring our records even.  She will retain the #1 position but I will close the gap in points and maintain my #2 ranking.

October 24, 2015

Thursday night my opponent played two guys, Anquan Boldin and Marshawn Lynch.  Lynch did great and scored 21 points (5 more than projections) but Anquan was dismal along with the rest of the San Francisco offense (6.9 points, 5 points under projection).  All in all, a wash for projections.

Here's who I'm starting for Week 7

QB - Tom Brady (24.64 proj points)

WR - TY Hilton (14.71 proj points)

WR - Martavis Bryant (10.46 points)

RB - Shane Vereen (10.34 points)

RB - Johnathan Stewart (10.41 points)

TE - Greg Olsen (15.24 points)

FLEX - Julian Edelman (17.99 points)

K - Josh Lambo (7.73 points)

DEF - St. Louis (9.58 points)

Bench:  Giovani Bernard (bye), Randall Cobb (bye), Charcandrick West, Gary Barnridge, Golden Tate, Drew Brees, CJ Spiller, James Starks (bye)

I've got to admit, I'm nervous this weekend.  My projected points is 121.1 versus 117.03 for my opponent.  I've got no problem putting in Martavis Bryant over Cobb on the bye week, but my RB corps is pretty bad right now.  Both Vereen and Stewart have had more bad games than good.  However, my opponent has Demaryius Thomas on bye and he's starting two tight ends (Ben Watson of the Saints and Jason Witten of the Cowboys), so I'm thinking it's going to be a disappointing week for both of us points wise.

October 21, 2015

I don't have anyone playing tonight but my opponent is playing both Anquan Boldin and Marshawn Lynch.

I have both Giovani Bernard and Randall Cobb on bye this week, so that hurts.  I am favored to win, but only by 7 points, so it should be close.

October 19, 2015

I lose by the slimmest of margins on Sunday night after a furious comeback effort.  Here's my lineup for the day games

WR - Randall Cobb (18.14 proj points).  I don't know what's happening with Cobb but he has been a real disappointment this season.  He only musters 5 targets and catches 2 for 38 yards, so I get 5.8 lousy points.  I'm glad it's a bye week because I was going to bench him anyway for week 7.

RB - Giovani Bernard (13.96 projected points).  Mr. Reliable again delivers another solid performance with 50 rush yards, a rush TD and 1 reception for 23 yards.  He gets me 14.3 points.

RB - Charcandrick West (12.2 projected points).  Everyone was hoping he'd pull a Thomas Rawls and dominate in place of a superstar but it's a big dud as he manages a platry 33 yards and loses a costly fumble that gets him benched.  2.9 points.

TE -Greg Olsen (12.12 projected points) - Olsen delivers another awesome game with 7 receptions for 131 yards and a TD for 26.1 points!

K - Josh Lambo (7.77 points) - Great game with 2 field goals and 2 PATS for 8 points.

DEF - Carolina (7.08 points) - Not great, not terrible, 4 points.

Bench:  Gary Barnridge, Golden Tate, Drew Brees, Shane Vereen, CJ Spiller, Martavis Bryant, Knile Davis, St. Louis

I end the days games with a very disappointing 61.1 points and a daunting 54 point deficit going into Sunday night.  I do have 3 superstars to play including Tom Brady, TY Hilton and Julian Edelman.  However, my opponent has Gronkowski.  I just hate these kind of games where I end up hoping Gronk doesn't do much (even though I need him to in my custom points league).  The game is super intense as Brady has an awesome game getting me 29.48 points,  Edelman is solid with 17.2 points.  TY Hilton scores 19.4 points.  In the 4th quarter I find myself 5 points down and Indy is trying to come back.  Luck completes a big pass play to TY Hilton and shrinks my defict to 1.58 points.  All I need is a completion for 6 yards and I win.  Unfortunately, Brady has completely abandoned the passing game at this point and Indy's late touchdown doesn't go to TY. 

The good news is that it looks like I won't lose my #2 ranking.  So I dodge a bullet here.  I'm happy that Martavis Bryant just comes out and kills it this week (32.5 points), he will be a nice fill in for Randall Cobb. I wish I had someone like that in my RB corps right now to take West's spot.

October 16, 2015

I was really worried about my team matchup for this week.  I only had a 4 point projected lead over my opponent but I found out today that TJ Yeldon, his RB2, is probably not going to play this weekend because of an injury.  This, combined with the fact that he has Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson on bye gives me an advantage. 

Neither of us has any players on Atlanta or New Orleans for tonight's game.

October 13, 2015

I maintain my current position but the #1 team ends up losing on Monday night.  We now both have a 4-1 record and I am only 17 points behind her, so I have an opportunity here to retake #1!

I do have a tough challenge this week as I face the #3 team, he's at 3-2  but I'm only about 18 points ahead of him, so I need to win this game to further solidify my position, otherwise I'll probably get leapfrogged.  Losing Jamaal Charles really hurts but I think this team is strong enough to weather that loss.  The past two weeks have been pretty disappointing with the receiver corps, I really need them to turn it on as I am only slightly favored to win in week 6.

October 11, 2015

Here's who I'm rolling with for week 5:

QB - Tom Brady (proj points 25.75) - Brady shines after the bye week and gets 275 pass yards, 2 pass TDs, 3 rush yards and a rush TD for 29.3 points.  It was a stellar performance but he wasn't my highest scoring QB as Andy Dalton got 32.04 points.

WR - Randall Cobb (proj points 17.63) - A very quiet day for Cobb as he only secures 3 catches for 23 yards for 5.3 points.  It was a low scoring game (the Green Bay defense got 14 of the 24 points scored). This is his second disappointing game in a row, but I'm not worried...yet.

WR - TY Hilton (proj points 14.17) - Played Thursday night and earned 13.8 points.

RB - Jamaal Charles (proj points 22.62) - Devastating news and he probably suffered a season ending injury in the 3rd quarter after earning only 9.4 points.  It looks like he's done for the season but luckily I picked up Charcandrick West earlier so I have his backup (Knile Davis went back to the waiver wire).

RB - Giovani Bernard (proj points 12.12) - My most consistent RB this season has another great day with 80 rush yards and 5 receptions for 21 yards and earning me 15.15 points.

TE - Gary Barridge (proj points 6.51) - I can't believe I just picked this guy up off the waivers to fill in for Greg Olsen this week.  Barridge goes off and gets 8 receptions for 139 yards and a TD for 27.9 points!

FLEX - Julian Edelman (proj points 19.35 points) - Edelman has a big day and gets me 22 points.

K - Cairo Santos (proj points 7.69) - Well it was a big disappointment as compared to last week when he got 7 field goals.  Santos only gets a field goal and a PAT for 5 points this week.  Now that Jamaal Charles is out, his value goes down.  I'm going to have to look and see if there is any better options out there going forward.

DEF - New York Giants (proj points 8.15) - Have been decent this season and get to play one of the worst offenses in the league this season (San Francisco).  Unfortunately the have a disappointing game and I only net 1 point.

Bench:  Greg Olsen (bye), Golden Tate, Andy Dalton, Drew Brees, Shane Vereen, CJ Spiller, Martavis Bryant, Charcandrick West

I end up with 129.8 points for the week.  Right now I'm 23.26 points ahead of my opponent but she has Danny Woodhead playing on Monday night.  I'm fairly confident that I have the win secured but Woodhead is the kind of player that could go off and I could end up losing.  We'll have to wait and see on this.

October 9, 2015

TY Hilton had a serviceable game last night.  I was worried because he had only scored 6 points by the end of the third quarter, but by the end of the night he had 5 receptions for 88 yards.  He earned 13.8 points which is right under his projection so I'm satisfied with that.

My opponent started Frank Gore and he ended up earning 15.8 points, which is about 2 points over his projection.  I'm not too worried about it as many of my starters this weekend have great matchups.

October 6, 2015

Golden Tate does not ride to my rescue on Monday night, only garnering 6.5 points and giving me my first loss of the season.  Luckily this team has been so dominant I only drop to #2 in both the rankings and total points earned this season (and I'm only 5 points behind the current leader).

Wow, after last week's pointsapalooza this was a much more timid week.  as the top scorer was the guy who played me and he only got 136 points (last week two teams scored over 200 points)!  I'm kind of bummed because I could have won this week if I went with Drew Brees and CJ Spiller instead  Dalton and Tate but the only reason they were better was because of an 80 yard TD reception that happened in overtime, before that both their points were just as pedestrian.

I've got to find replacements for Greg Olsen and the Carolina defense, who are both on bye this week.  I thought I was so smart picking up Eric Ebron from Detroit last week but of course he suffered a concussion so now I need to find another TE. 

I have a tough matchup this weekend going up against another 3-1 team who is right behind me in points.  

October 4, 2015

Here's my week 4 lineup:

QB Andy Dalton (proj 18.65) - Picked him up off the waiver wire as a flyer while Brady is on bye (and I didn't trust Brees to start).  Dalton has been red hot this season and he delivered another solid game with 321 yards and a TD.  I get 20.44 points.

WR Randall Cobb (proj 20.30) - Kind of forgotten about this week, Cobb only gets 8 targets, hauls in 5 for 44 yards and only gets me 9.4 points

WR TY Hilton (proj 13.28) - A solid game with 7 receptions for 67 yards and 13.7 points.

RB - Jamaal Charles (proj 18.45) - Charles is my rock as I hoped he be.  He earns 20.5 points with 75 rush yards and 6 receptions for 70 yards

RB - Giovani Bernard (proj 12.62) - Again proves to be an integral part of Bengal offense regardless of how well or poory Jeremy Hill is doing - that is Fantasy GOLD right there!  Bernard rushes for 62 yards and gets a rush TD for 12.2 points.

TE Greg Olsen (proj 12.63) - Gets shut down and only manages 4.8 points. 

FLEX - Golden Tate (proj 11.48) - Plays Monday night

K Josh Scobee (proj 7.75) - Gets 2 field goals and 2 PATS for 9 points.

DEF Carolina (proj 10.29) - Has an awesome performance against Tampa Bay earning 18 points!

Bench: Drew Brees, Julian Edelman (bye), Tom Brady (bye), Shane Vereeen, CJ Spiller, Martavis Bryant, Zach Ertz, Knile Davis

Even though I still have Golden Tate to play I have almost no chance of winning this week.  My opponent is already ahead of my by 28.82 points so the odds of me closing this game tomorrow night are very, very slim.

September 30, 2015

Was a monster week for points as I totaled 184.82 points and a win.  I was so dominant I had the victory secured on Sunday night with two players to go (Randall Cobb and Jamaal Charles).  Of course, they both blew up Monday night.  Here's the breakdown:

Tom Brady - This guy is playing like he's already won the Super Bowl this year!  Another 358 pass yards, 2 TDs and no interceptions gets me 26.72 points.

Randall Cobb - Monday night this guys explodes with 12 rush yards, 7 receptions for 91 yards and 3 TDs!  35.3 points here!

Julian Edelman - Had a good night with 8 receptions for 85 yards but no TDs - 16.5 points, just under projections.

Jamaal Charles - Had his best game of the season on Monday night with 49 rush yards, 3 rushing TDs along with 5 receptions for 33 yards and 31.2 points.

Giovani Bernard - Continues to be getting the majority of the touches in Cincy.  He gets 49 rush yards an 34 receiving yards for 11.3 points, just over his projection.

Greg Olsen  - Finally has a great game and gets 134 receiving yards and 2 TDs - 33.4 points!

TY Hilton -A solid night with 4 receptions for 94 yards and 13.4 points.

Randy Bullock - Gets 2 field goals and one PAT (and misses a PAT) - gets me 6 points and gets released from the Houston team.  I need another kicker.

Pittsburgh Defense - Only allows 6 points by the Rams and earns me 11 points.

The crazy thing is two other teams scored over 200 points this weekend!  The good news is that the team above me lost.  The bad news is I'm ahead by less than 1.5 points to one of those teams (the other is sitting in third and is about 27 points below me. 

I have to deal with both Brady and Edelman being out for week four.  I pick up Andy Dalton and will probably start him for this week.  I put in Golden Tate for my FLEX position.  I drop Randy Bullock and get Josh Scobee from Pittsburgh as my kicker.  I drop the Pittsburgh defense and get Carolina for a matchup against Tampa Bay.

September 25, 2015

I'm glad I benched Shane Vereen as he had a disappointing night.  He only mustered 23 rush yards and was unable to catch any of the 3 targets that were sent his way last night. 

September 24, 2015

I am really tempted to start Shane Vereen tonight, I think he's going to have a big game.  He's not getting a lot of love because Washington has a good rushing defense.  However, Vereen's value is in his catches, and he's the #2 receiver on this team behind ODB.  Still, it's really hard for me to bench someone like TY Hilton who will be playing on Sunday.   I've also been playing Giovani Bernard as my RB2, and he has had two excellent games, so I think I'm going to pass on starting Vereen this week.

My opponent doesn't have anybody playing tonight.

September 23, 2015

Well that sucks, of course the New York Jets were picked up by another team.  Dammit!  I should have put them on my bench but I didn't want to let any of my players go.

I end up picking up Pittsburgh, who plays St. Louis.  I'm hoping that streaky Nick Foles has another bad game.

September 22, 2015

It wasn't really that close on Monday night as Chris Ivory only managed to get 8 points and I end up winning the week 144.2 - 126.58.  This takes me to 2-0 but I am still ranked behind that PB team who again outscored me this week (he scored 148.46 points).  His team has scored 46.68 points more than my team so far this season, so it's going to be difficult to unseat him from the #1 slot without him losing.

Boy it was a mistake dropping the Jets as they tore up Indianapolis last night and earned 14 points.  I tried to put in a trade request for them but it won't let me because I dropped them for week 2.  I have to wait and hope that no one picks this team up so I can get them back!

I am a little concerned with both Drew Brees and Jay Cutler as both sustained injuries this weekend.  I'm hoping that one of them will be back in time for Tom Brady's bye week in week 4.

September 20, 2015

I think I made a critical error in my lineup and it may cost me this game.  Right now it's too close to call so we'll see what happens.  After the early games I have earned a decent 124.6 points and I have a 20 point lead over my opponent, but he still has 3 players to go (Lamar Miller, Chris Ivory and Philly's kicker Cody Parkey) whereas I only have Randall Cobb to still play.

My big mistake was benching Tom Brady in favor of Drew Brees.  Brady had a monster game getting 466 pas yards a 3 pass TDs en route to 34.24 points.  Brees had a lousy game with only 255 pass yards and 1 pass TD with only 15.10 points.  This may be the reason why I lose this week.  I now know to not bench Brady as their offense made mince meat of what looked like the #1 defense in Buffalo.

Julian Edelman had another huge game catching 12 of 19 targets for 97 yards and 2 TDs earning 33.90 points!

Giovani Bernard took over rushing duties in week 2, getting 123 rush yards and going 3 for 3 on targets for 19.9 points.

Greg Olsen had a good game with 6 receptions for 70 yards and 13 points.

Golden Tate also had a good game with 6 receptions for 80 yards and 14 points.

Randy Bullock got a Field Goal and 2 PATS for 6 points.

I did a last second switch going with Tennessee for my defense as they were playing the Browns, but that was a bad move as I only earned 1 point.

So if I lose this week I only have myself to blame.  Tom Brady plays Jacksonville next week so I will be sure to start him.

Randall Cobb has a top notch game and earns me 19.6 points behind an 8 reception, 116 yard performance.  This give me 144.2 points for the week and a 25.62 point lead over my opponent.  He still has Chris Ivory tonight, so I'm pretty secure that I will win this game (Ivory did get 23 points last week).  Knock on wood I get to 2-0!

September 19 2015

This is the team that is most in flux right now due to injuries,  Here's who I have set up right now.  I will need to make a decision tomorrow morning to see who of these bubble guys are active.

QB - Drew Brees (vs. TB) - projected points 24.64

WR - Randall Cobb (vs. SEA) - projected points 13.99

WR - Julian Edelman (vs. BUF) - projected points 16.55

RB - Jamaal Charles (already played, earned 21.70 points)

RB - Giovani Bernard (vs. SD) - projected points 11.51

TE - Greg Olsen (vs. HOU) - projected points 10.86

FLEX - Golden Tate (vs. MIN) - projected points 13.77

K - Randy Bullock (vs. CAR) - projected points 8.32

DEF - New York Jets (vs. IND) - projected points 7.01

Bench - TY Hilton, Tom Brady, CJ Spiller, Shane Vereen, Martavis Bryant, Zach Ertz, Jay Cutler, Knile Davis.

This lineup is the most in flux.  I'm most inclined to bench Golden Tate in favor of TY Hilton or CJ Spiller but I have to wait and see who is playing tomorrow morning.  I'm also considering benching the Jets in favor or New Orleans (who play Tampa Bay) or Tennessee (who plays Cleveland).  It's going to depend on whether or not TY Hilton plays.

September 18, 2015

I was not able to watch the game last night but I hear the ending was a doozey!  It was the best of times and worst of times for Jamaal Charles who got me 21.7 points behind 125 yards rushing, 1 rush TD, and 4 catches for 2 yards.  But he also fumbled 2 times during the game and one of those fumbles was right at the end, allowing the Denver defense to score and win the game.  Still I earned more than the projection for Charles (16.88 points).

That last fumble really hurt because my opponent had the Denver Defense last night.  Denver got 4 sacks, 2 Interceptions, 3 Fumble Recoveries and a TD last night.  Denver earned 21 points, so even though I'm in the lead, he has closed the projections for both our teams because he scored 13.79 points more than the projection whereas I only scored about 5 more than projection.

Ugh, I have so many questions for this weekend.  Here's who is currently in play for my flex position:  TY HiltonCJ Spiller; and Golden Tate.  I don't think I'm going to be able to make a decision until Sunday.

I also have the New York Jets as my defense right now.  They play Indianapolis, so it's not a great matchup.  However, if Hilton is out, it's a much better play.  Again, it looks like I won't be able to make a decision on whether or not to keep the Jets until Sunday.

September 17, 2015

I've got Jamaal Charles in the lineup for tonight.  It's going to be very interesting to see whether or not this Denver defense is as tough as it looks!

September 16, 2015

I did not pick up any players off the waiver wire this week.  I'm going to roll with the team I have for now!

September 15th, 2015

I ended the week with a victory and I am currently #2 in the rankings after earning 149.02 points.  The team in front of me happened to score 191.44 points in week 1!  Amazingly, he also had a starter on his team, Mike Evans, who did not play on Sunday.  That is scary good!  I looked at the schedule and I get to play him in Week 6.  Luckily I don't have any starters on bye that week, so that is an advantage to me, but if he keeps having weeks like this on, he's going to be a juggernaut!

It looks like TY HIlton's injury is not as severe as initially thought.  He's going to be a game day decision this week, but should be fine by next week.  Randall Cobb's shoulder injury is also a concern as he is not playing at 100% right now.  I also haven't been able to find out if CJ Spiller will be able to play this week, even if he does I'm not sure I'm going to start him until I see what his production is like with his new team.

September 13th, 2015

Here's my roster for today

QB Brady - 35.62 points - already played

WR Randall Cobb - projected 17.82 points.  Cobb comes out and is very sparsely used.  He's clearly still recovering from that shoulder injury.  He only garners 5 targets the whole game, used mainly as a decoy, but he does manage to haul in a TD late to save the day.  He ends up with 14.8 points. 

WR TY Hilton - projected 15.8 points.  I am as shocked as anyone that Buffalo holds Indy scoreless for 3 quarters.  Even so, Hilton has a decent game getting 14 targets, hauling in 7 and getting 88 receiving yards.  Bad news, though, because Hilton gets injured with a bruised knee.  He's going to miss 2-3 weeks, which sucks.

RB Jamaal Charles - projected 16.7 points.  The experts weren't expecting much from Charles, but he came through big time.  He only nets 57 yards on the ground, but compliments that with 5 catches for 46 yards at a pass TD!  This earns me 21.3 points and is a big reason why I targeted him over other backs like Lynch and Lacy.

RB Giovani Bernard - projected 11.91 points.  Given the fact that I grabbed this guy in the 10th round gives me great value.  Jeremy Hill dominated touches 19-8 and got two TDs, but Bernard still has a role as he grabbs 6 of 6 targets for 25 yards.  Bernard finishes with a respectable 14.8 points (Hill got 18.3).

TE Greg Olsen - projected 11.32 points.  This is my big disappointment this week.  After all the talk about how Olsen is Cam Newtons #1 target now that he doesn't have any receivers Cam fails to toss anything his way.  Olsen is only targeted 3 times out of 31 tosses, catching one for 11 yards.  I get a measley 2.1 points out of the guy.  This better turn around quick because I've got Zach Ertz on my bench and it looks like he'll be ready to go.

Flex Julian Edelman - 21.60 points - already played

K Randy Bullock - projected 8.59 points.  You know they were debating getting rid of the extra point this summer because it seemed like such an afterthought.  Apparently the extra point is made something like 99.8% of the time in the NFL.  However, wouldn't you know it's my kicker that happens to miss an extra point today!  He did make two field goals so I ended up with 6 points.

DEF New York Jets - projected 7.34 points. I knew the Jets were a great option this week against the hapless Browns.  The Jets get 3 sacks, 1 interception, 4 fumble recoveries and hold the Browns to 10 points, netting me 17 points!

Bench includes:  CJ Spiller (inactive), QB Drew Brees, WR Golden Tate, RB Shane Vereen, WR Martavis Bryant (inactive), TE Zach Ertz, QB Jay Cutler, RB Knile Davis

So my entire team is done playing on Sunday and I have 149.02 points, which currently ranks me second in the league for points scored this week.  I have a 58 point lead over my opponent right now (he still has Adran Peterson playing on Monday) so I think I have this week locked down for a victory! 

No one on my bench did anything special.  In fact I was extremely disappointed with how Golden Tate played today (4 receptions for 24 yards).  Given that performance I'm not going to move him into my flex for week 2.  I think I'll go with just Cobb and Edelman as my receivers and use an extra Running Back.  Bernard did great so I think I'll stick with him and hopefully CJ Spiller will be good to go next Sunday.

September 10th, 2015

I ride into the Thursday night game with Brady as my QB and Edelman as my flex and it pays off big time!  Brady earns me 35.62 points with his 4 TD effort (I get 6 points for touchdowns in this league) and Edelman grabs 11 receptions and earns 21.6.  Earning 57 points with two players puts me in a great position because i was only projected to get 128 points total for this week!

I always check the wai

Author: Jim Kutsko