My Standard Points League - 2015

13 Sep, 2015

December 9, 2015

I ended up losing 84.96 to 110.78.  It was a pretty typical week that had me underperforming expecations and my opponent overperforming.  

In week 14 I have to face the #1 ranked team and I am currently an underdog by about 7 points.  Hooray!

December 5, 2015

Here's my lineup for week 13

QB - Matt Ryan (proj points 17.3)

WR - Michael Crabtree (proj points 10.33)

WR - Alshon Jeffrey (proj points 11.92)

WR - John Brown (proj points 8.3)

RB - LeSean McCoy (proj points 16.82)

RB - Jeremy Langford (proj points 10.37)

TE - Julius Thomas (proj points 7.37)

K - Chandler Catanzaro (proj points 8.89)

DEF - New York Jets (proj points 7.17)

Bench:  Spencer Ware, Drew Brees, Antonio Andrews, Davante Adams, James Starks, Michael Floyd.

You know, as frustrating as this team has been all season, they haven't been as bad as their #10 ranking would indicate.  I've scored the 5th most points in this league, that's pretty good when you consider how many of my players have missed time due to injuries (Le'Veon Bell, Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffrey, Drew Brees and John Brown all have missed multiple games dealing with injuries). 

The biggest reason why my team is at the bottom is that I've had more points scored against me than any other team.  I've had 1,223.9 points scored on me and that's more than the top point scorer has earned this season.  I have had multiple weeks where my opponent has scored their season high points when playing my team, so there's nothing I can do about that.  All the teams in the top 4 have had at least 100 fewer points scored against them this season than my team. 

December 3, 2015

Neither me nor my opponent have anyone playing in tonight's Green Bay/Detroit game.

November 30, 2015

It was not a great week for me and I lose another one due to poor play from a couple of key positions.

QB - Drew Brees had a high bust potential playing an away game against the suddenly hot Texans and he sure didn't deliver.  No TD passes (for the first time in something like 10 years!), 228 pass yards and an INT gave me 8.12 points.  My alternative, Matt Ryan, who I almost started didn't do much better as he ended with 11.1 points.

WR - Michael Crabtree thankfully got a TD to save his 4 catch, 19 receiving yard performance, 7.9 points.

WR - John Brown played had a good game with 99 receiving yards, 9.9 points.

RB - LeSean McCoy had a good game with 71 rush yards, 31 receiving yards and a receiving TD for 14.1 points.

RB - Spencer Ware was great again with 114 rush yards and a TD for 17.5 points.

K - Chandler Catanzaro was solid with 8 points.

DEF - The Jets also were solid with 8 points.

I end up with 86.12 points versus a projected 101.37.  I end up losing by 6.26 points (neither of our teams have anyone playing tonight), so I go to 4-8.  

November 28, 2015

Here's the rest of my week 12 lineup for Sunday

QB - Drew Brees (proj points 20.33)

WR - Michael Crabtree (proj points 9.84)

WR - John Brown (proj points 8.19) - It sounds like he's finally back from his injury.

RB - LeSean McCoy (proj points 13.39)

RB - Spencer Ware (proj points 11.54) - Playing in relief of Charcandrick West.

K - Chandler Cantazaro (proj points 8.64)

DEF - New York Jets (proj points 8.76)

Bench:  Antonio Andrews, Matt Ryan, Davante Adams, Jeremy Langford, James Starks, Michael Floyd

Right now I'm favored by about 19 points.

November 27, 2015

I had a typical disappointing game with two players that have been giving me problems all season

WR - Alshon Jeffrey did get 90 receiving yards, so I ended up with 9 points, but it was less than projected.

TE - Jason Witten, who I swapped out Martellus Bennet for, had the same kind of game I've been dealing with all season in the TE position, 36 receiving yards and 3.6 points.  However, I just found out that Bennett didn't even play yesterday because of a rib injury, so I'm glad I got something here.

I end the day with 12.6 points, but my opponent had an even worse day than me.

QB - Aaron Rodgers had a mediocre game with 202 pass yards, 1 pass TD and 33 rush yards.  So he underperformed by about 5 points and ended the day with 14.38.

RB - Theo Riddick had a good day (as did the entire Detroit team).  He got 62 receiving yards, a receiving TD and 6 rush yards for 12.8 points.

RB - Eddie Lacy is back, he ruled the ground game with 105 rush yards, 34 receiving yards and a receiving TD for 17.9 points.

TE - Greg Olsen was okay with 70 receiving yards and 7 points.

K - Robbie Gould was okay as well with 6 points.

DEF - The Philly defense was miserable in their blowout loss and he got -2 points from them.

So he ended the day with 55.08 points but his projection has dropped to 83.99, so I have a real chance to win my 4th in a row this weekend!  I certainly hope so!

November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving day!  I'm thankful that this team's season is almost over!

Here's who I have playing today for week 12:

WR- Alshon Jeffrey (proj points 12.35) - This is the late game tonight and there is still now word as to whether or not he's going to play.  I have Davante Adams to slot in here should he be a no go.

TE - Jason Witten (proj points 8.45) - He couldn't be any worse than Martellus Bennett this season.  I'm hoping he starts to connect more now that Romo is back.

My opponent has a ton of players working today including:  Aaron Rodgers, Theo Riddick, Eddie Lacy, Greg Olsen, Robbie Gould and the Philly Defense.  So he's getting most of his points today (only Allen Robinson, TY Hilton and Danny Amendola will play on Sunday).  Surprisingly, I'm favored to win by over 8 points!

November 25, 2015

LeSean McCoy has a big night on Monday and gets me 18.3 giving me a final score for the week of 74.10, which isn't as horrendous a score as it looked on Sunday. 

I'm actually favored to win this weekend, so of course that means I'm going to lose.

November 23, 2015

Well, that wasn't a good move.  Jamison Crowder ended the day with 5 receiving yards and 0.5 points.  Alshon didn't play and Floyd didn't play but John Brown had a decent line with 43 receiving yards, 9 rush yards and a TD for 11.2 points.

However, this ended up being the most disappointing game of the season and I still may end up winning it!  Here's how it ended up:

QB - Matt Ryan had a nice day with 280 pass yards and 3 TDs for 20.9 points

WR - Davante Adams got 3 catches for 36 yards and 3.6 points.  A big departure from last week's 21 targets.

WR - Michael Crabtree ended the day with 50 receiving yards and 5 points.

WR - We've already talked to Crowder getting me a half point.

RB - Jeremy Langford saved the day with a late touchdown along with 25 rush yards and 17 receiving yards for 10.2.  He now moves back with Forte expected back for week 12, but I'm going to keep him because he is valuable should Forte get hurt again.

TE - Martellus Bennet has had 3 good games this season and this wasn't one of them, 26 receiving yards and 2.6 points.

K - Chandler Cantazano got me 10

DEF - The Jets have been really stinking it up lately as they get me 3 in the loss to Houston.

I end the weekend with a season low 55.8 points with one player, LeSean McCoy, playing Monday night.  However, my opponent had an even worse week than me and ended up with 57.56 points with one player, Brandon LaFell, to play Monday night.  How is he worse given that he is ahead of me right now?  Well he was projected to score 109 points versus my 94 points, so his players did much worse then expected.

The projection now shows that I am slightly favored to win this game with a final score of 67.07 to 66.83!  I'm really disappointed that I didn't start John Brown because then I would have a comfortable lead at this point.  It doesn't really matter as there's virtually no chance for me to make the playoffs but a 4th victory would be nice!

November 22, 2015

Alshon Jeffrey is inactive and there is just too much uncertainty when it comes to John Brown and Michael Floyd.  I decide to pick up Jamison Crowder from Washington to fill in my 3rd WR slot this week. I'm guessing if he gets more than 30 yards he'll do better than either of the Arizona receivers.

November 21, 2015

Here's my lineup for week 11

QB - Matt Ryan (proj points 18.45) - I just picked this guy off waivers, kind of surprised he was available.

WR - DeVante Adams (proj points 9.08) - He got 21 targets last week, let's see if he can get some better production.

WR - Michael Crabtree (proj points 12.34) - I'm hoping for a bounceback from last week's poor showing.

WR - Alshon Jeffrey or Michael Floyd or John Brown - It's going to depend on who is active.

RB - Jeremy Langford (proj points 12.4)

RB - LeSean McCoy (proj points 11.27)

TE - Martellus Bennett (proj points 6.88)

K - Chandler Catanzaro (proj points 8.67)

DEF - New York Jets (proj points 7.58)

BENCH:  James Starks, Drew Brees, Michael Floyd, John Brown, Antonio Andrews, Dorial Green-Beckham.

I am a huge underdog this week with only 97.21 projected points versus 109.84 for my opponent.  I'm going to need someone to have a huge game to make this competitive.

November 19, 2015

Neither me nor my opponent have any starters in the Jacksonville/Tennessee game this evening.

November 17, 2015

I think my opponent forgot about his team because he started a player that was on injured reserve on Thursday night.  He did manage to fill in his bye slots before the Sunday games started, however my kicker on Sunday night did just enough to secure the win!

QB - Drew Brees scored 14.36 points in a very disappointing effort against Washington.

WR - Davante Adams got an insane 21 targets (vs. Randall Cobb who only got 10), but was only able to secure 10 of them for 79 yards, 7.9 points.

WR - Michael Crabtree only got 55 receiving yards for 5.5 points.

WR - Alshon Jeffrey only managed 3 catches for 23 yards on a day that Chicago scored 37 points!  I end up with 2.3 points.

RB - James Starks got 42 rush yards and 54 receiving yards for 9.6 points.

RB - Jeremy Langford was my best player of the week with 73 rush yards and a TD plus 109 receiving yards and a pass TD for 30.2 points.

TE - Martellus Bennett only got 18 receiving yards for 1.8 points.

K - Chandler Catanzaro got a nice 15 points with 3 field goals and 4 PATS made.

DEF - The Jets got 5 on Thursday night.

I underperformed projections but it didn't matter as my opponent did even worse.

November 15, 2015

Here's my week 10 lineup

QB - Drew Brees (proj points 18.95)

WR - Davante Adams (proj points 8.71)

WR - Michael Crabtree (proj points 11.75)

WR - Alshon Jeffery (proj points 11.8) - He's been dealing with an injury all week but he's listed as active.  I really need the points so I'm starting him.

RB - James Starks (proj points 13.59)

RB - Jeremy Langford (proj points 10.48) - He's not going to do what he did last week against San Diego, but I'm hoping he has a decent fantasy day.

TE - Martellus Bennett (proj points 7.68)

K - Chandler Catanzaro (proj points 8.52)

DEF - NY Jets (proj points 7.29) - Scored 5 points on Thursday night.

Bench:  Michael Floyd, John Brown, LeSean McCoy, Antonio Andrews, CJ Anderson, Dorial Green-Beckham

After John Brown burned me 2 weeks ago, I'm very wary about starting him given that he's still listed as Questionable after having last week off. 

November 12, 2015

I have the Jets defense playing this evening.

My opponent still hasn't set his lineup for the week but he does have the Buffalo TE, Charles Clay, starting.

November 10, 2015

So what does it take to finally win in this league?  I guess I have to score the second highest point total of the season in order to get my second win.  Monday night was a great night for me as almost all my players had a good game.

Jeremy Langford had a awesome debut, getting 142 yards, a touchdown and a 2 point conversion for 22.2 points.

Alshon Jeffery also exceeded expecations with 151 receiving yards and 15.1 points.

Martellus Bennett finally has some fantasy relevance with 57 receiving yards and a TD for 11.7 points.

Stevie Johnson and Josh Lambo were serviceable getting me 13.8 points between them.

I end up with 149.88 points which is pretty amazing considering this is not a PPR league.  

I also must add that the injuries continue on this team.  LeSean McCoy injured his shoulder on Sunday and is currently questionable for the Thursday night game.  

November 9, 2015

Remember how I said my opponent will probably score his season high points against me this week?  Well it happened as he has scored 134.86 points against a projected 110.68.  The thing is I can beat this guy tonight with my players.  Right now I have a 47.78 point deficit but my 5 players playing tonight are projected to earn 48.72 points!  Do I expect them to reach this?  Not with the kind of luck I've had with this team so far, but it would be nice if it happens.

November 8, 2015

Early Game Wrapup - After the early games, I have 87.08 points but that's with only 4 players played.  This is definitely my best performance of the year for this team.  I am currently projected to beat my opponent, but I have to wait and see how his players do on the late game to know what I need to score on Monday night to win (he doesn't have anyone playing on Monday).

Week 9 lineup:

QB - Drew Brees (proj points 19.28) - Brees stays hot and passes for 387 yards and 3 TDs for 32.38 points.

WR - Alshon Jeffrey (proj points 11.55) - plays Monday

WR - Michael Crabtree (proj points 10.15) - Crabtree was huge in the 1st and 4th quarter getting a TD in each so he ends with 22.8 points!

WR - Stevie Johnson (proj points 8.96) - plays Monday

RB - LeSean McCoy (proj points 13.13) - Rushes for 112 yards and a TD and 7 receiving yards for 17.9 points.

RB - Jeremy Langford (proj points 12.58) - plays Monday

TE - Martellus Bennett (proj points 7.33) - plays Monday

K - Josh Lambo (proj points 8.3) - plays Monday

DEF - New York Jets (proj points 8) - Have a great defensive game and get me 14 points.

Bench:  Davante Adams, Antonio Andrews, John Brown (bye), James Starks, Michael Floyd (bye), CJ Anderson

November 7, 2015

As per usual, if you're playing against this team you're going to have a huge night.

My opponent started Tyler Eifert, who cleaned up with 3 TDs and 53 receiving yards, netting 23.3 points (versus a projected 7.7).

Slightly offsetting this was the disappointing play of Jeremy Hill, who only ended up with 52 rush yards and 5.2 points.

Don't worry, I'm sure by the end of the weekend his team will earn his season high in points against me!

November 5, 2015

I don't have any players for the Thursday night game.

My opponent is playing two:  Jeremy Hill and Tyler Eifert

I just looked at my team and I have 5 players playing on Monday night!  Alshon Jeffery, Stevie Johnson, Jeremy Langford, Martellus Bennett and the kicker, Josh Lambo.  It's going to be one of those games where I'm going to be earning points nearly every play!

November 4, 2015

It turns out I didn't win that game after all.  They did a stat correction on Drew Brees which reduced my score by 1.24 points and gave me a loss for the week.  I swear this team is cursed, hard core cursed by some kind of devil witch.  I'm just going to ride out the remainder of this season scraping along the bottom.  

November 3, 2015

Week 8 Wrap Up

I am so screwed, as if this wasn't already a lost cause, I just lost my two best players for the season due to injury.  Both Le'Veon Bell and Keenan Allen have been placed on injured reserve.

QB - It was all about Drew Brees this week as he puts up an incredible 511 pass yards and 7 TDs against the Giants.  He gets me 47.54 points, nearly half my week 8 total.

WR - Keenan Allen is having a great day until he ruptures a kidney.  35 receiving yards and a TD for 9.5 points.

WR - In the morning I'm told that John Brown is active for today's game.  So what happens?  He plays on zero snaps and I get zero points whereas Floyd scores 16.6

WR - Alshon Jeffrey gets 116 receiving yards and a TD for 17.6 points.

RB - Le'Veon Bell gets 45 rush yards and 13 pass yards before leaving with a torn MCL, I end up with 5.8 points.

RB - Antonio Andrews is serviceable as a pickup with 64 rush yards and 18 pass yards for 8.2 points.

TE - Martellus Bennet is mostly invisible with 32 receiving yards and 3.2 points.

K - Josh Lambo gets 2 field goals and 2 PATS for 10 points.

DEF - New York Jets get torched by Oakland of all teams.  No sacks, no interceptions and allowing 34 points scored so I get negative 1 points.

The crazy part was how the week ended.  All my players played on Sunday and I ended up with 100.84 points.  My opponent has Andrew Luck still to play and I'm up by 18.44 points, which is just under his projected points of 18.86 for the Monday night game.  At the end of the 4th quarter I am holding onto a wafer thin lead of 1.5 points, but the game goes into overtime and Indy gets the ball first.  Luck does just enough, mostly with his feet to take a lead of 101.14 to 100.84 and I think I'm heading toward my 7th loss of the season.  However, on Indy's second possession of overtime he gets intercepted and that reduces his points by 1, making me the winner for the week!  Absolutely crazy, I can't believe how much I lucked out on this one (yeah, I love puns!).

It doesn't really matter though as I remain stuck in the #10 position.  Now that I've permanently lost my top two players I am at a serious disadvantage the rest of the way.  Just about everybody on this team is second tier at best, so if I win maybe 2 more games this season I'll be quite surprised.  

November 1, 2015

As per usual, my opponent had a great Thursday night,   He scores 53.4 points with his 4 players (Lamar Miller, Gronkowski, Gostkowski and the New England Defense).  So already I'm playing from behind and I need some good performances this week in order to have a shot.  Here's who I'm rolling with for week 8:

QB - Drew Brees (proj points 18.85)

WR - Keenan Allen (proj points 11.97)

WR - John Brown (proj points 9.12).  He is active today so I'm going with him over Michael Floyd.

WR - Alshon Jeffrey (proj points 10.57)

RB - Le'Veon Bell (proj points 17.15)

RB - Antonio Andrews (proj points 9.1) - A bye week flyer for LeSean McCoy

TE - Martellus Bennet (proj points 7.27)

K - Josh Lambo (proj points 8.15)

DEF - NY Jets (proj points 7.23)

Bench:  Rashad Jennings, James Starks, Michael Crabtree, LeSean McCoy, Michael Floyd, Davante Adams

October 29, 2015

I don't have anyone playing tonight but my opponent has 4 guys playing.

Lamar Miller (proj points 11.15)

Rob Gronkowski (proj points 11.15)

Gostkowski (Proj points 8.34)

New England Defense (proj points 8.78)

So I'm hoping for a disappointing game from everyone but Gronk, but I wouldn't count on it with the luck I'm having on this team.

October 25, 2015

Another disappointing week for the Doof Warriors, many many underperformers this week.

QB - Drew Brees only gets 255 pass yards and a TD in their win against Indy, 12.8 points.

WR - Keenan Allen gets 9 receptions for 89 yards but no TDs for 8.9 points.

WR - Michael Crabtree did overperform with a 63 receiving yards and a TD for 12.3 points.

RB - Le'Veon Bell has a decent game with 121 rush yards and 16 receiving yards for 13.7 points.

RB - LeSean McCoy has 68 rush yards and 36 yards receiving at 10.4 points.

TE - Jordan Cameron only gets 23 receving yards for 2.3 points.

K - Josh Lambo gets 9 points

DEF - Houston does what I expected them to do, which is get me only 2 points.  However, the Jets did no better against New England.  It's clear that Houston has no value this season, so it's back to the waiver wire with you!

I still have John Brown to play but I end up with only 71.4 points.  Against this my opponent explodes for 140 points, exceeding his projection by 50 freaking points!  There is no way to win with this team, hello 1-6 and the #10 ranking!

October 24, 2015

No breaks for me on Thursday night as Marshawn Lynch was solid as even and gets my opponent 18.2 points, which is 5 more than projections.

Here's who I'm rolling with for week 7:

QB - Drew Brees (18.07 proj points).

WR - Keenan Allen (11.59 proj points) - He says his hip is fine, let's hope so.

WR - John Brown (9.99 proj points) - A hamstring injury is not what I need right now, I have Michael Floyd to pop in if he's inactive.

WR - Michael Crabtree (8.5 proj points) - Alshon does a one week tease and now I have to put Crabtree back in because of the Chicago bye.

RB - Le'Veon Bell (16.27 points) - I need a big game this week, Bell!

RB - LeSean McCoy (14.2 points) - You looked great last week, hope it carries across the pond for the early game in London.

TE - Jordan Cameron (7.18 points) - Bye week filler for Bennett.

K - Josh Lambo (7.82 points)

DEF - Houston (8.32 points) - I don't really want to start Houston but I'm not starting the any defense when they play at New England, sorry Jets.

Bench:  Martellus Bennett (bye), Alshon Jeffrey (bye), Rashad Jennings, James Starks (bye), Michael Floyd, New York Jets

I'm favored by more than 10 points but he's already claimed half of that from Marshawn Lynch.  Luckily he has both Demaryus Thomas and Giovani Bernard on bye.  He has Gurley so that makes me nervous, but his QB is Bridgewater and his WR corps of Diggs (NO), Cooper (OAK) and Wallace (MIN) is pretty bad compared to mine.

October 21, 2015

It's the battle of the basement this week as my mighty #9 ranked team plays the #10 ranked team (both of us are 1-5).

I don't have anyone playing tonight's Seattle/San Francisco game.  My opponent is playing Marshawn Lynch.

I have both Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett on bye this week. I am currently favored by more than 20 points but that should shrink once he fills in his third WR position (Demaryius Thomas is on bye).

October 19, 2015

Can't catch a break and I lose a close one despite doing really good with points.  Here's my lineup:

QB - Drew Brees (21.19 projectd points) - Brees plays Thursday night and does not meet projections, I end up with 16.68 points.

WR - Keenan Allen (10.56 projected points) - Has another big game with 157 receivng yards and 15.7 points.

WR - John Brown (7.68 proj. points).  Is unleashed this week ad gets 196 receiving yards but loses a fumble for 17.6 points.

WR - Alshon Jeffery (10.45 proj. points).  I find out he's active on Sunday morning so I put him in.  He delivers with 147 receiving yards and a TD for 20.7 points!

RB - Le'Veon Bell (15.65 proj. points).  88 rush yards is nothing to sneeze at but it is a disappointing day with 8.8 points.

RB - LeSean McCoy (11.8 proj. points).  I also find out he's active Sunday morning so I put him in and he delivers with 90 rush yards and a TD for 15.4 points.

TE - Martellus Bennett (7.01 proj points).  A meh game with 59 receiving yards, 5.9 points.

K - Matt Bryant (9.01 proj points).  All I get is 3 PATs, 3 points.

DEF - New York Jets (7.39 points).  Not bad with 6 points but of course my benched Houston DEF scores 16.

BENCH:  Rashad Jennings, Ty Montgomery, Ameer Abdullah, Karlos Williams, Michael Crabtree, Houston

I end the day with 109.78 points, which is 9 over my projections, but I only have a scant 2.26 point lead over my opponent.  He has Rueben Randle still to play on Monday night and of course he scores 4.4 points, so I end up losing again.  This is a tough break too because I scored more than 7 other teams this week.

I am encouraged by the fact that now, hopefully, my starters will be healthy the remainder of the season.  I can actually score points when they all play so that is positive.  We have a 14 week season, so I still have more than half the season to turn this around and climb out of this hole I've dug for myself.

October 16, 2015

I have both Drew Brees and Matt Bryant, Atlanta's kicker, playing tonight.  I need both to have a big game if I can hope to pull the upset for week 6.

My opponent does not have anyone playing tonight.

October 13, 2015

Not surprisingly I ended up losing.  I was an underdog from the beginning so this isn't a surprise, but it was another disappointing week.

Keenan Allen has shown flashes of brilliance this year along with two huge games, but last night he was mostly a non factor that was only targeted 5 times (Antonio Gates hogged all the glory and points for the Chargers last night).  54 yards only gets me 5.4 points.

Even Le'Veon Bell was disappointing last night.  Up until the final play of the game he had only earned 11.5 points for me.  He was able to sneak in that game winning touchdown (just barely) so he produced a serviceable 18.7 points, which was just over his 18.05 point projection.

I ended up with a measley 71.2 points and got beat by nearly 30 points.  

October 11, 2015

Here's who I'm rolling with for week 5:

QB - Drew Brees (proj points 16.81) - Drew has a good game despite the big loss to Philly.  He gets 335 pass yards and 2 TDs for 16.3 points.

WR - Keenan Allen (proj points 10.51) - Plays Monday night

WR - John Brown (proj points 7.5) - Brown jsut keeps securing just about everything thrown his way so I can't figure out why his role isn't growing.  He secures 4 of 4 for 73 yards and a TD.  I earn 13.3 points.

WR - Michael Crabtree (proj points 8.08) - I didn't want to start Crabtree but Alshon Jeffrey is out yet again.  He has a poor game with 4 receptions for 54 yards and 5.4 points.

RB - Le'Veon Bell (proj points 18.05) - Plays Monday night

RB - Ameer Abdullah (proj points 11.03) - I didn't want to start Abdullah but both LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams are out this week.  He stinks up the joint with 17 rush yards, 1 catch for 9 yards and one lost fumble for a MASSIVE 0.6 points!  Hooray!

TE - Martellus Bennett (proj points 8.26) - Crashes back to Earth with a poor performance only catching 4 of 11 targets for 32 yards.  3.2 points.

K - Matt Bryant (proj points 9.1) - Gets 8 points

DEF - Houston (proj points 6.84) - Gets zero points on Thursday.

Bench:  Karlos Williams, Tyrod Taylor, Alshon Jeffrey, LeSean McCoy, Rashad Jennings

I end the day with a pathetic 46.8 points.  Even though my two best players are yet to play, there is no way I can win as I am 55 points behind my opponent.  1-4 here I come!

October 9, 2015

DAMMIT!  I just can't cut a break in this league.  Last night I had Houston as my defense.  What do they end up giving me but a big fat zero on the night.  Are you serious?  Not even a single sack, JJ Watt?  You know I targeted this team and wasted an 8th round pick because they did really well for me at the end of last season.  Clearly that is not the case anymore.  These guys are heading back to the waiver wire, maybe some other sucker will try them out.  I am glad that I have the Jets for the rest of the season as their defense actually looks pretty good.

In the meantime, my opponent had both DeAndre Hopkins and Arian Foster last night,  He ended up with 28.7 points, which is more than projections so I've got that to deal with now. 

Oh yeah, Alshon Jeffrey will probably miss a 4th game on Sunday as well.  Just awesome!

October 6, 2015

I finally get a win!  And I score the highest points of the week!  I also don't have any flame outs where most everyone near or just above their projected points.  I move up two spots to #7.

Of course, now I have to face the #1 team in the league, who's going to be tough anyway, but then I find out that Karlos Williams, who is backup to an injured LeSean McCoy is out because of a concussion.  My only other viable RB is Ameer Abdullah and he hasn't done anything this year.  I also don't know if Alshon Jeffrey is going to finally be back for week 5.

I'm not going to call this team cursed, but I made a big mistake picking guys like LeSean McCoy and Alshon Jeffrey who have been dealing with injuries since the start of the season.  There's nothing I can do about it now, but I need a huge upset this week if I want this team to remain viable in this league.

October 4, 2015

Still dealing with critical injuries on my team as 3 of my top 5 picks are sitting out again.  Here's my lineup for week 4:

QB Tyrod Taylor (proj 16.79 points) - A down week for the rookie.  I shouldn't be surprised, but even so he gets 15.46 points with 274 pass yards and a TD.

WR Keenan Allen (proj 10.03) - Nice to see Keenan as a part of the game plan after last week's big game, he gets 4 receptions for 72 yards and a TD for 13.2 points!

WR John Brown (proj 7.46) - Has his biggest game of the season so far with 13 rush yards, and 7 receptions for 75 yards and 8.8 points.

WR Michael Crabtree (proj 8.86) - Picked him up off the waiver wire and he delivers with 80 receiving yards and 8 points.

RB Le'Veon Bell (proj 14.32) - Has a great game on Thursday night getting me 21 points with 129 rush yards and a TD

RB Karlos Williams (proj 14.05) - Nice to have this guy in my lineup with news that LeSean McCoy is going to be out at least 4 more weeks with a hamstring injury.  He gets 40 rush yards, 30 receiving yards with a receiving TD and 13 points.

TE Martellus Bennett (proj 7.98) - Cutler is back and they were playing the Raiders, so of course he has a huge day with 83 receiving yards and a TD for 14.3 points.

K Matt Bryant (proj 8.7) - 6 PATS made for 6 points.

DEF New York Jets (proj 8.92) - Solid game in London this morning earning 8 points.

Bench:  Alshon Jeffrey (not playing), LeSean McCoy (not playing), Drew Brees (injured), Ameer Abdullah, DeAngelo Williams, Houston

At the end of the day I end up with my best point total yet, 107.76 and I get the win (my opponent only scored 92.14 points and doesn't have anyone playing tomorrow)!  FINALLY!

September 30, 2015

The good news is that I scored a season high 95.08 points in week 3 but I still ended up losing and I drop to 0-3.  This sucks!  Injuries are killing me this season as I had two of my top 5 players (last week it was 3 players), Alshon Jeffrey and Drew Brees were both out.  Here's a breakdown of my starters:

Tyrod Taylor - Drew who?  Tyrod has been a great pickup so far getting me 24.28 points wih 277 pass yards, 3 pass TDs and 12 rush yards.

Keenan Allen - Has another great game with 12 targets for 133 yards and 2 TDs.  I get 25.3 points.  Let's hope week 4 isn't another letdown!

John Brown - Is not getting enough love in Arizona.  Again is only targeted 5 times, but he hauls in 3 for 62 yards, no TDs - 6.2 points.

Terrance Williams - WTF!  Your team scores 28 points and you only get targeted twice but get zero catches?  Huge letdown and a goose egg.  Bye Bye Terrance, you're not on my team anymore!

Le'Veon Bell - Had a great game with 62 rush yards, 1 rush TD and 70 receiving yards for 19.2 points.

LeSean McCoy - gets 16 rush yards and 10 receiving yards with a TD for 8.6 points.  I think I have to start Karlos Williams next week as he got 17 points.

Martellus Bennett - Bleech!  Gets 4 receptions for 15 yards - 1.5 points.

Matt Bryant - Repectable 7 points with a field goal and 4 PATs.

New York Jets - Have a crappy game after two dominant performances, only get 3 points against a struggling Philly team.

I manage to pick up Michael Crabtree off the waivers and I'm going to wait and see if Alshon can play this weekend. Even if he doesn't I'm probably going to bench John Brown as well.  I need my stars healthy or this team is not going to do anything!

September 24, 2015

Neither me nor my opponent have any guys playing tonight.

September 23, 2015

One benefit of being at the bottom of the rankings is I get whomever I want off the waiver wire.

I am happy that I was able to secure the New York Jets as another defense (along with Houston).  Until Houston shows me they can score some points I'm benching them in favor of the Jets.  I'm not really surprised, I knew they would be an excellent defense ever since they hired Todd Bowles, the defensive guru who turned Arizona's defense into one of the best in the league.

I also dropped Tony Romo and picked up Tyrod Taylor.  This is a really streaky pick as this guy is a rookie, but he has skills and he's a runner so he should be able to generate points.  I'm on the fence as to who to start at QB this week, I'm hoping they rest Brees to give him time to heal that rotater cuff injury he's been dealing with.

I am favored to win this weekend and I really need a win in order to stay in this game!

September 22, 2015

Another disappointing week sends me crashing to the very bottom of the rankings at #10.  I've scored 167.3 points this season which ranks me #9 in that department.  I really handicapped myself by selecting Bell as my #1 pick these first two weeks so hopefully I can turn this thing around now that he's back.  However I have problems all over the place with this team, my Wide Receivers are inconsistent, my Quarterback has been disappointing, Outside of using DeAngelo Williams these first two weeks I don't have much good to report with this team.  I do have to point out that I deliberately chose different players when I was selecting this draft because I didn't want to duplicate the players I had in my other leagues.  That appears to be a mistake and hopefully doesn't doom this team.

Now I have another problem with the fact that both my QBs sustained injuries this weekend.  Now I have to find another Quarterback who can be serviceable while I wait for Brees to heal.  

September 20, 2015

I was hoping to end my two week purgatory before Le'Veon Bell is able to play going 1-1, but that is not going to happen.  I knew I was in trouble when I decided to bench my top 3 picks (Le'Veon Bell, LeSean McCoy and Alshon Jeffrey), but I didn't expect it to be this bad.  Everyone except for DeAngelo underperformed their projections.

Drew Brees has a crappy game with 255 pass yards, 1 TD and 1 INT, only getting 13.10 points.  Bleech!

Keenan Allen completely disappeared in todays game getting only 4 targets and actually ending with -0.4 points because he fumbled the initial kickoff.  This is the thing I hate the most in fantasy football player when someone goes from 17 targets in week 1 to 4 targets in week 2.  This does not bode well, but hopefully he'll bounce back next week at Minnesota

John Brown hauls down all 5 of his targets for 45 yards, but no TDs even though Arizona scores 48 points today!  Lousy 4.5 points here

DeAngelo Williams is my only brightspot with a 3 TD performance against San Francisco, earning 27.2 points.

Ameer Abdullah goes from hero to zero in week 2, also pulling a disappearing act and getting only 9 rush yards and 1 catch for 1.8 points.

Martellus Bennett was doing okay until Cutler left with a hamstring injury, then I don't think he was targeted after, 4.8 points.

Matt Prater gets 1 field goal and 1 PAT, for 4 points.

Houston disappoints again with only 4 points against Carolina.

If I had started LeSean McCoy he would have gotten me 11.6 points, but it wouldn't have made any difference as my opponent was already more than 10 points ahead of me at the end of the early games.  No one else on my bench did anything significant (Kendall Williams had a good game but I don't think there is any situation where I would start both LeSean and Kendall the same week).   I'm hoping that next week Alshon will be good to go and hopefully I can turn things around.

Terrance Williams has a great game late getting 84 yards at a touchdown, so he adds 14.4 points to my total.  However, this is tainted by the fact that my recent trade acquisition, Tony Romo broke his collarbone so he's out!  Still it's nice to have the #1 WR at Dallas for a while to help this team.

September 19, 2015

Here's who I'm rolling with for Sunday

QB - Drew Brees (vs. TB) - projected points 20.33

WR - Keenan Allen (vs. CIN) - projected points 9.94

WR - John Brown (vs. CHI) - projected points 7.87

WR - Terrance Williams (vs. PHI) - projected points 8.99

RB - DeAngelo Williams (vs. SF) - projected points 11.85

RB - Ameer Abdullah (vs. MIN) - projected points 10.81

TE - Martellus Bennett (vs. ARI) - projected points 6.93

K - Matt Prater (vs. MIN) - projected points 8.55

DEF - Houston (vs. CAR) - projected points 8.99

Bench:  Alshon Jeffrey, LeSean McCoy, Le'Veon Bell, Kendall Wright, Tony Romo, Karlos Williams

I'm kind of annoyed that both Alshon Jeffrey and LeSean McCoy are on my bench but both have been having hamstring issues.  I will wait to see what the word is on Sunday morning to see if either of these guys are active.

September 17, 2015

I do not have any players from KC or Denver on my team to play tonight.

September 16, 2015

I did not pick up any players off the waiver wire this week.  I'm going to roll with the team I have for now!

I got a message back rejecting my Terrance Williams trade, he's not interested in doing the trade at this point.  I may bring it up again if Terrance has a big game this weekend, of course if he plays well I'll ask for a better player!

September 15, 2015

The team that owns Tony Romo accepts my trade proposal.  Now I know this is risky because Dez Bryant is going to be out 8-12 weeks (up from the initial estimate of 4-6 weeks), but Brees doesn't have a bye week until week 11.  I think he'll be back before the bye week happens and I still may be able to slot Romo in if he has a good matchup.   Everyone says that Romo is going to suck without Dez in the mix but I disagree, that guy is clutch!

September 14, 2015

I sent out a couple of trade proposals today.

To the team that owns Dez Bryant, I offered Terrance Williams for Legarrette Blount.

To the team that owns Tony Romo (and, unfortunately, Peyton Manning) I offered Phillip Rivers for Tony Romo.

I also sent a nice message to each saying something to the effect of, Hey, Buddy, tough break!  I thought this might help you.  Ain't I sweet!

September 13, 2015

Here's my lineup for today:

QB - Drew Brees (projected 19.78 points).  I ended up benching Brees in my PPR league, but that was because I had Tom Brady.  In this league I have Phillip Rivers, so I decide to stick with Brees.  He has a decent game getting 355 pass yards, 1 TD and 1 INT earning me 17.5 points.  This was a poor choice as Rivers has a better game earning 21.96 points today.

WR - Alshon Jeffery (projected 9.8 points).  Man, receivers just don't get that many points when you don't have PPR.  Jeffery is targeted 11 times during the game but you can see that leg is still bothering him.  He does catch 5 passes for 78 yards so I get 7.8 points but again I fall short of projections.

WR - Keenan Allen (projected 9.56 points).  Keenan was targeted often by Phil Rivers catching 15 passes for 166 yards.  No TDs from this guy either, but still he produces a very respectable 16.6 points.

WR - John Brown (projected 8.24 points).  John Brown came out red hot and caught his first 4 targets and got a TD out of it.  Then he did nothing the rest of the game.  I ended up getting 10.6 points

RB - LeSean McCoy (projected 13.08 points).  It was an unimpressive start for McCoy.  Rushing 17 times for 41 yards and 3 catches for 46 yards, no touchdowns.  8.7 points isn't going to cut it.

RB - DeAngelo Williams (13.2 points earned on Thursday).

TE - Martellus Bennett (projected 7.42 points).  Bennett was great last season and I expect that to continue this year.  He caught 5 of 7 targets for 55 yards and a touchdown.  Nice point total of 11.5.

K - Matt Prater (projected 8.25 points).  No field goals today, just for PATS. 4 points

DEF - Houston (projected 7.63 points).  Houston got rolled by KC and only got 2 sacks the whole game.  Lousy 2 points!

Bench:  Le'Veon Bell (inactive), Ameer Abdullah, Phillip Rivers, Kendall Wright, Ryan Mathews, Terrance Williams.

I scored just under my projections, earning 91.9 points versus projection of 93.21.  Unfortunately, I've already lost my game here this week as my opponent has 98 points.  Still it was very disappointing how most of my players were under projections and McCoy, my defense and my kicker all busted out.  I'm also handicapped for the first 2 weeks until Le'Veon Bell comes back, but I knew this going in.  I'm still confident this team is solid.

It was nice to see some solid performers on my bench, though.  Phil Rivers was excellent today as was Ameer Abdullah and Kendall Wright.  I'm going to hit the waiver wire and try to get some of the players that really made a splash this week.  Given that I've lost, I'll have a high waiver wire request rating so I should be able to get someone good.

September 10, 2015

The only guy I have playing on the Thursday night game is DeAngelo Williams.  Williams does great rushing for 127 yards but no touchdowns.  Every time there was a goal line situation, Williams did not participate so I don't expect to see any TDs out of him going forward.  Still he earns me 13.2 points which is more than projections.

September 9, 2015

I am unable to assemble enough volunteers to start a third league so I decide to join a money league on Yahoo.  I pay a $50 entry fee and we have the draft the night before kickoff.  It is a 10 person league, standard points (no PPR), I get the second pick.  The league has 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, K, DEF and 6 Bench slots.  There is no flex option so I will be limited to a maximum of two RBs each week.   I'm kind of annoyed at my placement as I already picked third in my PPR league so I wanted to deliberately choose different players.  This might be to my disadvantage but here we go.

First pick (#2) - Select Le'Veon Bell.  I know he's out for the first two weeks but I think he's going to be the #1 back this season.  I know I'm going to take DeAngelo Williams last so I have his fill in for the first two weeks of the season.

Second pick (#19) - Select LeSean McCoy.  His ongoing hamstring injury is an issue but this is one of the top backs in the league.  Given that this is not a PPR league, the value of running backs is much more important than usual.  I know I'm rolling the dice here, so I hope this pays off.

Third Pick (#21) - Select Alshon Jeffery.  Another guy with an injury but he's supposed to be ready to go week 1.  Plus, I already grabbed Randall Cobb and TY Hilton in my PPR league so this was my best option.  I did consider Mike Evans but I just don't like the fact that he's playing with a rookie QB, I expect his production to decline this season because of that.

Fourth Pick (#39) - Select Drew Brees.  I know I wanted a QB at this point.  It's a choice between Brees, Manning and Roethlisberger.  I select Brees as I think he's going to get me the most production.  I know I have Brees in my other league but this was the best choice at this point.

Fifth Pick (#41) - Select Keenan Allen.  I like this guy as my WR2, but there are some other good options as Amari Cooper, Brandon Marshall and Julian Edelman are still available. 

Sixth Pick (#59) - Select Martellus Bennett.  I'm happy to see this guy still on the board as I think he'll get good volume from Jay Cutler.

Seventh Pick (#61) - Select Ameer Abdullah.  There were not a lot of good options this round.  I know I need another good RB and this is a great option in the 7th round. 

Eighth Pick (#79) - Select Houston DEF.  This is my target to get a top 3 defense.  Both Seattle and New England are selected before this pick.  I decide to take Houston because I love JJ Watt and I think this will be a really good defense this season.

Ninth Pick (#81) - Select John Brown.  I wasn't too keen on anyone from the Arizona offense this season but this guy has had a great pre-season and I hope he's the breakout this season (unlike Michael Floyd, who was a total bust for me last season).

Tenth Pick (#99) - Select Phillip Rivers.  I was targeting my QB2 from the beginning in this round and this guy was the best one available.

Eleventh Pick (#101) - Select Kendall Wright.  Rookie QB Marcus Mariotta has been having a great pre-season and this guy is his favorite target, so I take him for my bench to see what he can do.  The price is right if this guy ends up being a #1 on this team.

Twelveth Pick (#119) - Select Ryan Mathews.  I am excited to see what the Philly offense does this season, I think Mathews has some potential especially if Demarco Murray gets injured.  Even without an injury I think you'll see this guy involved in about 30% of the plays from scrimmage, about the same as someone like Giovani Bernard.

Thirteenth Pick (#121) - Select Terrance Williams.  Williams hasn't done much as Dez Bryant sucks up all the glory in Dallas, but I think that Tony Romo will have to pass more this season and I think Terrance will be the chief beneficiary of that.

Fourteenth Pick (#139) - Select Matt Prater - Got my kicker from Atlanta.  Plays in a dome on a team with a decent offense. 

Fifteenth Pick (#141) - Select DeAngelo Williams - My handcuff for Le'Veon Bell. I'm starting him for weeks 1 and 2.

Overall my draft gets a B+ rating from the Yahoo bots.  Surprisingly, even though I'm rated 2nd, they are projecting me finishing 5th with a 7-7 record. 

Author: Jim Kutsko