Positional Dominance.  Yahoo 10-Team, Pick #4 July 19, 2019

19 Jul, 2019

Big news today in the NFL.  Tyreek Hill will face no suspension and Phillip Lindsay is medically cleared to play.  This means both of these players immediately become a top choice in their respective rounds (Hill in Round 2 and Lindsay in Round 4).  

When it comes to 8-team and 10-team leagues, all the teams are going to be good.  All of them are going to have a deep bench and there will always be good players available on the waiver wire.  The way to win in smaller leagues is to draft as many positionally dominant (Top 3) players as you can.

In the end I have a top 3 QB and TE (Newton and Kittle).  I also used the early rounds to get Mike Evans, Christian McCaffrey, Josh Jacobs and David Montgomery.

This is the kind of team you need to draft if you want to win your 10-team league this season!

Author: Jimmie Maverick