Strictly Value Draft.  Yahoo 12-Team Mock, Pick #3 June 23, 2019

23 Jun, 2019

We used My Perfect Fantasy Draft to help us pick our players and ended up with a surprising strong team using just the value rank in the app.

My Perfect Fantasy Draft calculated a value rank for each player based on their projected stats multiplied by your league point schedule.  You can easily compare the value rank against their draft position to see if that player is overvalued or undervalued.  We used the app to find the most undervalued players in each round of the draft.

In the end, 12 of our 14 players selected had a value rank inside the top 100, which was darn good!  That means most of our players were at least flex value on any given week.

The weakest part of our team was the Tight End, where we ended up with two low reliability players (Delanie Walker and Jordan Reed).  I typically stay away from low reliability players in the draft even if they offer fantastic value.

In the end, using the VORC score instead of the value rank would have been better for our draft.  I will always sacrifice some value for players that have better Outlook, Reliability and Consistency rating. Going strictly value is a good strategy and you'll still get a decent team.

Author: Jimmie Maverick