Vlog: quarterbacks

Waiting on a QB.  Does it make sense to wait until the 11th round to take a Quarterback!

29 Jul, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

The past few seasons we've seen plenty of late round QBs become every week starters or even, in Patrick Mahomes case, a superstar!

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Jimmie’s Top 10 Fantasy Tips for 2019

3 Apr, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Follow these rules in 2019 to draft a fantastic team!

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5 Reasons Why Blake Bortles is going to be a fantasy hero in 2017

18 May, 2017 | By Jim Kutsko

Like Matt Ryan a year ago, here are 5 reasons why Blake Bortles is going to be a fantasy hero in 2017!

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Fantasy Strategy:  Why it pays to wait to take your Quarterback

5 Jul, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

Think you need to spend an early pick to get a decent quarterback? Think again!

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How To Pick a Quarterback

18 May, 2016 | By Jim Kutsko

Advice on how to pick a quarterback for your fantasy team

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