Vlog: running backs

Live Draft, Dallas League.  CBS Sports 12-team, Pick #3, PPR Custom Points August 11, 2019

11 Aug, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

My first live draft of the season and it went about as well as anyone could hope for. Unbelievable steals in the 2nd and 3rd round!

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Zero RB Strategy Mock Draft.  Yahoo 12-Team, Pick #8 August 3, 2019

3 Aug, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

With all the problems surrounding Running Backs (holdouts, injuries, etc.), I decide to see what kind of team I can put together if I don't take an RB until the 6th round.

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Target RBs early and often in your draft!  Yahoo 12-team mock, Pick #2 August 1, 2019

1 Aug, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Every startable RB will be gone by pick #60 so you need to spend as many early picks as you can stockpiling them if you want to have sufficient depth at this position!

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This is Why You Need To Focus on RBs early!

28 Jul, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

I like this team but I only spent 2 of my first 5 picks on Running Backs and now I have a severe lack of depth at that position.

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Rock Solid Draft!

24 Jul, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Value is the name of the game and I got fantastic value during this draft!

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Trust or Bust Players with the Counselor

7 Jul, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Had a fun interview with Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor, about trust or bust players for 2019

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Jimmie’s Top 10 Fantasy Tips for 2019

3 Apr, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Follow these rules in 2019 to draft a fantastic team!

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5 Reasons Mike Gillislee is Fantasy Fools Gold

7 Jun, 2017 | By Jim Kutsko

You will be sorely disappointed if you draft Mike Gillislee is on your fantasy team in 2017.

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Fantasy Football Rant:  Draft Rookie Running Backs At Your Own Risk!

8 May, 2017 | By Jim Kutsko

You may think you're getting the next Ezekiel Elliott, but I'm afraid the current batch of rookie RBs are going to massively disappoint.

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Fantasy Impact of the First Round of the 2017 NFL draft

27 Apr, 2017 | By Jim Kutsko

Which rookies will be best for your fantasy team in 2017 and how will they impact other players?

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