Vlog: wide receivers

First Draft of the Season!  ESPN 10 Team, Pick #10 PPR August 18, 2019

19 Aug, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Used the positional dominance strategy and have an awesome QB, TE and great WR corps. RBs are adequate but I have nice depth there and some high upside players - I hope they pan out!

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Rock Solid Draft!

24 Jul, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Value is the name of the game and I got fantastic value during this draft!

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Trust or Bust Players with the Counselor

7 Jul, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Had a fun interview with Joseph Robert, the Fantasy Football Counselor, about trust or bust players for 2019

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Jimmie’s Top 10 Fantasy Tips for 2019

3 Apr, 2019 | By Jimmie Maverick

Follow these rules in 2019 to draft a fantastic team!

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