7 Jun, 2016

Are you ready for some good inside information that’s going to help you draft a better team this summer?  I’m getting ready for my 14th season of drafting players and I’ve learned a few things over the years.  You can use this information to draft a better team and beat your other coaches to the most desirable players.


This is important because the Yahoo Top 200 players list is the straight jacket that everyone operates in during the draft because that’s the order the players are listed in on the draft app.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in a standard league, a points per reception (PPR) league or a custom points league, the players will come off the board in virtually the same order every time.  Sure, there may be some slight differentiation (Jarvis Landry may get picked 48th overall in league “A” and 52nd overall in league “B” but you know he’s going to go at the end of the 5th round (I’m assuming a 10 team league here). 

However, the value of Jarvis Landry varies greatly depending on what kind of league you’re in.  In Standard Leagues I have his projected value as #54 overall, so he’s fair value.  However, in PPR leagues he’s an incredible deal as he is projected to be #18 overall!  Wow!  A 2nd round value available in the 5th round! I play in a league that is PPR but also give points for return yards.  You know what his value is in this league?  He’s a projected first round value (#10 overall).  Want to know how your players are valued in each of your leagues?  Get my app and you will easily find the hidden value I’m talking about here!


Now I know what you’re thinking.  Damn!  If Jarvis Landry is a second round pick in my PPR league then I’m taking him with my second pick!  Please DO NOT do this!  When you reach for a player, even if that player is awesome, you are destroying their value.  Not only that but you’re passing on a higher ranked player that you will need to help your fantasy team succeed. 

It never fails that you see one of your fellow coaches grab a mid-round player super early.  I know the mindset, this is the player that’s going to win my league for me so I’m going to be sure that I get him NO MATTER WHAT!  Last year one of my fellow teammates had a panic like this when his top 2 choices for QB were taken in the second round (Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck).  He panicked and grabbed Tom Brady as the third overall QB with his 2nd pick.  Now Tom was absolutely fantastic last year, especially in the first half of the season.  However, when you look at who was still available at that time, players like Lamar Miller, Mark Ingram or DeAndre Hopkins he could have grabbed one of them – AND HE WOULD STILL BEEN ABLE TO GET BRADY IN THE 6TH OR 7TH ROUND easy.

If you really, really want a guy, go ahead a grab him the round before he’ll be selected.  For Jarvis Landry, grab him in the 4th round.  For Tom Brady (current ADP #74), grab him in the 6th round.  You’ll be operating as a draft ninja, picking players the other guys aren’t even thinking about.  You’ll have a very legitimate chance to get him because he will not have appeared on the visible list of players on your draft application (Yahoo’s draft app only shows about 10 players on most computer screens).  Sure, one of your crazy friends might take them super early, but they’re sacrificing the value of that player and they’re bypassing a highly ranked player in order to do it. Just be sure you have a backup plan if your guy gets taken.

My computer only shows the next 9 players available.


Here’s what coaches were saying about Alshon Jeffrey during the preseason last year:“He’s dealing with a minor calf sprain, he should be fine by the start of the season.”How about Mike Evans’ hamstring or TY Hilton’s concussion?In all these cases, coaches and pundits were confident and repeatedly expressed that their players will be fine.Then reality violently collides once the season starts and you can clearly see that your player is not okay.They are hobbled and calf and hamstring injuries tend to linger.

Look, there’s nothing you can do when your star player suffers a season ending injury during the season, like Jamal Charles or Le’Veon Bell did in 2015.  THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN CONTROL INJURIES IS DURING THE DRAFT.  If any player has that red cross next to their name, just steer clear.You need to have a fast start once the fantasy season begins and that only happens if you’re not shuffling starters onto your bench each week because they just can’t get those sore ribs healthy!

I’m so upset about what happened last season that I’m going to start docking projections if a player is dealing with an injury during pre-season.If they’re injured but playing, I’m docking them 10%.If they’re injured and not playing, they get a 20% deduction. That’s going to seriously deflate their value on the draft board, making it easy to find healthy reliable alternatives!

If you want to know who the deep value players are and you want to operate like a draft ninja and destroy your friends in this year’s draft you need My Perfect Fantasy Draft.  It’s only $5 and you can get it only at my website:  fantasyfootballmaverick.com

Author: Jim Kutsko