Top 50 Dominator Strategy Mock Draft - Fantasy Maverick Podcast 082820

29 Aug, 2020

The Top 50 Dominator Strategy is for players that are picking late in your fantasy draft. It works best for players in the 9th-12th draft position in 12 team leagues. Please watch my Draft Strategy Podcast from August 26th to see how it works. The Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) is a high stakes tournament league that I play in. The way it works is you play in a 12-team league PPR with 1.5 TE PPR. It's a 20 team roster and there are two flex spots (not superflex). The season lasts 11 weeks (you play every team once) then the top 4 play for a championship in weeks 12 and 13. The teams that win then go into a tournament to win big money over weeks 14-16. I have the 10th pick and I've been having a bear of a time fielding a team that ranked better than 5th overall. That was until I discovered my Top 50 Dominator strategy that can get you six top 50 players in the first 6 rounds. It's been working perfectly every time I try it and I end up with one of the best projected teams in the league every time I use it! Thanks for watching!

Author: Jimmie Maverick