Waiting on a QB.  Does it make sense to wait until the 11th round to take a Quarterback!

29 Jul, 2019

The Quarterback position is very deep and we've seen many cases of QBs selected outside the top 12 become every week starters or superstars (like Patrick Mahomes last season).
I decide to see what kind of team I could build by ignoring the QB position until Round 11 and it's very nice.  I use My Perfect Fantasy Draft to find the best players at each round and end up with a great roster! I draft 6 RBs, 3 WRs and a TE.  At round 11 there were still many good QBs available including Philip Rivers and Lamar Jackson, who is the guy that i draft.

Rushing QBs provide a nice floor to their production and I project Jackson as having the most rushing yards this season in this position.

Overall, a great roster and a super deep RB corps.

Author: Jimmie Maverick