Greetings, everyone!  It’s good old Jimmie Maverick wanting to talk about something new in the Fantasy Football sphere.  It's called Fantasy Football Evolution and the top prize in this contest is a cool $25,000.  I am just chomping at the bit for the football season to start and this looks like a great new way to play fantasy football!  I was real excited to meet these fellas when I was in Dallas for the National Fantasy Football convention and I really like how they laid out their contest!

When I talk about traditional fantasy football strategy I like to say that it’s 50% the draft, 30% managing your team and 20% good old fashioned luck.  However in this contest, you pick a 20 player team and that’s it.  There are no trades or waiver wires in this game so the team you pick is the team you live with for the whole season!  This means success in this contest is even more heavily dependent on the draft!

These guys were also smart enough to see how valuable my app, called My Perfect Fantasy Draft, would be for players looking to build the strongest team possible and have a chance at winning this game.  My draft tool is going to make it easy to find the best players you will need to have a shot at the $25,000 grand prize!

The game is divided up into 3 stages:  League Play for weeks 1-7, Elimination Round weeks 8-10, Tournament Play weeks 11-16.

The first stage, League Play, is just like traditional fantasy football.  You will be playing in a 12-team league but your 11 opponents are all computer controlled.   Your goal here to advance to the elimination round.  If you win 4 of 7 games you are guaranteed a spot.  You can advance with less than 4 wins if not enough players qualify but you shouldn’t need to take that chance.  Only having to win 4 games also makes this the easiest segment to take chances on, so I’m inclined to load up on players that have bye weeks during this period so my team is as strong as possible for the critical second round.  You can also draft your team as late as right before week 4, avoiding all those early season injuries (I'm looking at you, David Johnson and O'Dell Beckham Jr) and seeing what new talent is making a splash!  The rules only require 4 wins, so if you can go 4-0 in weeks 4-7, you'll advance!

The focus of the second stage is to score as many points as possible.  Your average score of the first 7 weeks, plus your score in weeks 8-10 will determine if you qualify for the tournament.  You want to make sure your most critical players are available and not on bye weeks during this time.

Finally the tournament is a single elimination 6 week contest to determine the winner.  Only the top 64 teams will advance to the third stage.  This is the first time you will be facing other human opponents in head to head matchups.  If you go 6-0 here you win the big prize.  You want to be sure your players are reliable enough to make it to this stage of the season without suffering an injury.  Likewise, I am inclined to stay away from clear division leaders (like New England or Pittsburgh) who have a high chance of sitting their stars in the final few weeks of the season.

Finally, every player that makes it to stage 2 but not stage 3 will receive an entry to the consolation competition.  This is a cumulative point contest where the top total point scorers between week 8 to week 16 can win up to $500.  Also there are state bracket competitions for the highest scoring teams in each state that didn't make it to stage 3 for various cash prizes.

Please see my related articles for tips, tricks and strategy for drafting the best team possible.  This season I have optomized My Perfect Fantasy Draft for Fantasy Football Evolution's game (just select FFE as the fantasy point schedule to get the customized draftlist).  My app will help you find the absolute best player at each and every round of their draft!  The best part is you can access this part of the app for FREE, just sign up with a free membership.