Thanks for checking out the tour!  I have posted 4 short videos (each is less than 4 minutes long).  Each one discusses a different aspect of the app that will help you draft a killer fantasy football team.  The first video talks about how to set the league point schedule and how the filters work.  The second video talks about the five critical stats that you see on the player list and how to use them to determine who is the best player to pick.  The third video talks about the player detail screen which will give you more in depth information and stats on players.  Finally, the fourth video is about "Draft Mode" which breaks the list down to each round in the draft based on the size of the league and your draft position.

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Is Preparing for the draft a frustrating and time consuming process?Enter in your league point scheduleThe app calculates projected points and values each player accordinglyFive Critical StatsUse the filter to remove unwanted players from your listGet more information on a player by tapping on their name