What is Draft Mode?

Success in the draft comes from knowing WHEN you need to take a player in order to be assured that they will be on your team. Draft mode is a custom filter that will break down the player list for each round of your fantasy draft based on the size of your league and your draft position.  Each round will show you all the players that are available between your current pick and your next pick, sorted by their value (instead of draft position or ranking) so the most valuable players will be at the top of each list!  Draft Mode is for snake drafts (example: 1-10...10-1...1-10) only!

How Do I Access Draft Mode?

There are two ways to access Draft Mode.

First, when you initially enter the app there will be a series of welcome screens.  The last one will ask you if you want to enter Draft Mode? 

The other way is from the app itself, just click the "Draft Mode" button and it will open up and look like the image on the left.

Then answer two questions:

1.  What is the size of your league?  Draft mode is available for 8, 10, 12 and 14 team leagues.

2.  What is your draft position?

Click the green "Enter Draft Mode Button to open Draft Mode on the app.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are using the free version of the app, you can only select the 12 team league for draft mode.  Subscribe to get full access to the app!

What Does It Look Like In Draft Mode?

When you enter draft mode,  the area I've circled will appear on the screen. 

At the top you will see how draft mode is set up, in this case it's a snake draft, 12 team league and you're picking 7th.

Below that are tabs.  The numbered tabs represent each round of your draft.  So if you want to see what players are available for you to pick from in the 5th round, just click on the #5 tab.

There's also a button to view the "Top 12" players and a button to "Exit Draft Mode" and go back to the full list.


How Do I Know Which Player To Pick?

Each Tab in Draft Mode represents a round in your draft.  In each round you will find all of the players available between that pick and your next pick with a little bit of overlap.  This means if you're picking 7th in a 12 team league, tab #1 will show you all the players with an expected draft Position between #5 and #19. 

1.  All of the players in each round are sorted by their value (which is calculated based on your league point schedule and their projected stats) instead of their draft position.  The highest value players appear at the top of the list.

2.  Use the Five Critical Stats to find the player that offers the best combination of Value, Outlook, Reliability, Consistency and Projected Points for your team.  You want high scores on as many of these traits as possible.  Sometimes the player at the top of the list is not the best choice!

3.  Sometimes a player will appear at the top of the list in two different rounds.  As I said above, there is a slight overlap between each round, so players on the cusp of your next pick will show up a round early.  If their value is high enough, they will appear near the top of the list on the prior round.  What this means is that your next draft pick is very close to that player's draft position so your chances of getting him in the next round are 50/50 or less.  This will help you decide if you want to reach, taking that player a round early in order to assure he will be on your team!

How Do I Keep Track Of Players That Are Already Selected?

You don't need to worry about it.  What you are viewing is a pool of players at each round.  Looking at the above example, the 5th round is pick #55.  Draft mode is going to show you all the players with an expected Draft Position of #54 to #67.  Essentially, the group of players you are looking at will all be gone by the time your 6th pick rolls around (pick #66), so tracking which players have been selected is not necessary.

PRO TIP:  When I look at a group of players for a round, I select my top 3 options.  If any of those three players make it to the next round, I'll take them.  Otherwise I'm looking at the next round tab and selecting my 3 favorites for that round.

95% of the players in your draft will be selected within 2 spots, high or low, of their Expected Draft Position.  That means in your average draft where 150 players are drafted, maybe seven or eight will either go super early or super late.  I don't worry about the guys that are taken super early because usually they're not giving any value to the team that selected them.  Likewise, the guys that are available super late usually have some kind of issue (injury, poor pre-season, etc.) that makes me want to stear clear anyway.   Occasionally a real gem will fall through the cracks and just get ignored and I love scooping them up.  This app makes it easy to know if they're a gem or a dud.