One of the most important features of my app, and the reason why it works so well is because of the Expected Draft Position (EDP) rankings of the players.

I don't like draft rankings because they don't actually match when players are being drafted, they're more often than not, someone's opinion when a player should be drafted.  The other metric, Average Draft Position (ADP), is a little better but only for players that are generally steady on the draft board.  ADP tends to lag when players are moving rapidly up or down the draft board causing you to miscalculate when you actually need to take them.

EDP is an algorithm I created that is designed to give you THE MOST ACCURATE IDEA as to when players are being selected in fantasy drafts.  I use current mock draft data to calculate the most likely time that each player is coming off the draft board.

If you watch my videos, you will see that it works very well.  Occasionally a player will be selected much earlier than when the app says, but for the most part when the app says a player will be available for your 3rd round pick, he is!

Other features like draft mode would not work well if EDP wasn't accurate.  For me, this is the most important feature of this app and it allows all the other features to work!

Thanks for watching!