How to win your fantasy draft!

Shocking Fact: About 50% of the players in the top 100 will either bust or suffer a season ending injury!

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How the app works

  1. Set Your League Point Schedule

    The app will calculate the projected points and assign a value rank to every player. Compare the value to their Expected draft position to see who's overvalued and who's undervalued!

  2. Select Player Filters

    You set the player criteria (like yards per carry or reception percentate) and the app will remove any player that doesn't meet that criteria.

  3. Engage Draft Mode

    Breaks the list down, round by round, based on the size of your league and your position. Easily find the best options for each round of your draft!

Let's Do This

The draft is the single most important part of your fantasy season!

It's also the most difficult part of the fantasy season. My app will allow you to create a fully customized draftlist in minutes set to your league settings and your personal player preferences. The app will give you critical information to help you easily find the best players at each and every round of your fantasy draft!

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Success in fantasy football is...

50% Draft

30% Managing Your Team

20% Luck

Find the hidden value in this year's draft.

New for 2019! Players now ranked by VORC score in Draft Mode.

VORC Score is the key to victory

V - Value

O - Outlook

R - Reliability

C - Consistency

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My Perfect Fantasy Draft
Fantsy draft taking place

Jimmie's Top 10 Fantasy Tips for 2019!

Advice: Your entire fantasy season is riding on one hour in late August. Don't blow it!

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Before and after graph

Jimmie's fantasy football confessions.

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Tip of the Day

Expected Draft Position (EDP) is my algorithm to give you the most likely spot that a player will be drafted

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