My Name is Jimmie Maverick and I want to help you win your Fantasy Football League!

Don't follow the herd

I have a confession to make.  I've been playing fantasy football since the early 2000s and up until the 2015 season, I had never won a championship.  I made it to the championship game a couple of times and was more likely than not to make the playoffs but in the end I was never able to make it over that hump.  It became quite clear that my shortfall was a result of mistakes I made during the draft.  It didn't matter how many hours I spent doing player research and mock drafts, come draft day I always made critical mistakes and I would end up picking players that were less than optimal for the leagues I played in.  I realized that the whole pre-season draft prep wasn't giving me the information I needed in a clear and consise way to help me make the right decisions on draft day.  That's why I created "MY PERFECT FANTASY DRAFT" and after getting it in a working beta in 2015 my fortunes in Fantasy Football immediately changed for the better.

My Perfect Fantasy DraftI play in three leagues each season:  a standard points league, a PPR league and a custom points league.  My record since creating this app speak for themselves. Since creating this app, I've been to the championship game 5 times and have won 4 titles!  I attribute this success entirely to the app helping me find the best players and showing which players to avoid.

Fantasy Football is more fun when you're winning!  You're not going to win unless you have a great draft!  "My Perfect Fantasy Draft" will help you create a fully customized fantasy draftlist that's customized to your league's scoring settings and your personal player preferences!  The best part is your draft prep will now take you minutes instead of hours and you will rule your league on draft day!


It All Starts With The Draft

Success in fantasy football is 50% Draft, 30% Managing Your Team and 20% Luck.  If you screw up your draft, you've just dropped youself into a hole that you will not be able to waiver wire your way out of once the season starts.  Have a solid draft and everything else comes easier.  You'll consistantly have a higher projected score than your opponent.  Everything you do will be from a position of strength.  This means that even when something goes wrong, like your #1 guy goes down with a season ending injury, you'll have great players behind him ready to fill in the gap with minimal disruption to your team.  My app and strategy will help you consistently achieve a top 3 rated draft class and, in most cases, you'll be #1, regardless of your draft position!

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