10 Tips for Winning Fantasy Football Evolution

7 Jun, 2018
10 Tips for Winning Fantasy Football Evolution

Hello there, friends!  It’s your good buddy, Jimmie Maverick, just enjoying the summer weather and waiting with baited breath for the fantasy football season to start again.  I’m very excited this year because I’ve teamed up with a fantastic fantasy football contest called Fantasy Football Evolution.  I met them last summer at the National Fantasy Football Convention and we really hit it off!  They offer an inexpensive entry fee with a $25,000 grand prize and there are multiple avenues to winning money – even if you don’t make it to the Phase 3 championship round.

Before you play, though, you have to draft and that’s where I come in.  My Perfect Fantasy Draft has been optimized for the FFE draft (just choose the Fantasy Football Evolution point schedule) so you will have the best information on when to take the best players.  You also need to read my top 10 tips below to understand how this contest works so you don’t make critical drafting mistakes on the most important part of this contest.  The good news is that they allow two free mock drafts, so you can try it a couple times before drafting a real team.

In the meantime, here are my top 10 tips to winning Fantasy Football Evolution:

  1. You get to pick your draft position!  How many fantasy leagues let you do that?  However, choosing the #1 draft position is not necessarily the best choice (I’ll have an article on this later).
  2. You are drafting in a 12 team league with 11 computer opponents.  Each draft lasts 20 rounds and it will require you to draft 3 QB, 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 K, 2 DEF and 3 open slots.  They follow a ½ Point Per Reception schedule with performance bonuses.
  3. You can draft a team as late as the Thursday of week 4 (September 27th)!  To move on to Phase 2 of the contest all you need to have is 4 wins in the first 7 weeks.  That means you can draft a team after the season starts, avoiding all those early season injuries and seeing what new talent is making a splash!  The risk here is that you would have to be undefeated in weeks 4-7 to move on to phase 2 if you start that late!
  4. There are no trades or waiver wire pickups in FFE.  The 20 players you pick in the draft have to last you the entire season, this means you need to get reliable players and avoid the injury prone guys if you want to succeed!  My app will help you find those players.
  5. It’s a SUPER-super flex league.  There are two flex slots you can start ANY player in (QB, WR, RB, TE, K, DEF).  This means you can play three Quarterbacks or three kickers if you want.
  6. Team Defenses start with a base 20 points (they get 10 points for points allowed and 10 points for yards allowed).  This is different from most fantasy leagues that only start base 10 for points allowed.
  7. The computer teams aggressively draft Quarterbacks.  You will see 24 Quarterbacks drafted in the top 100 (including 6 or 7 in the first two rounds).  A minimum of 36 QBs will be drafted so that’s every starter and many of the most prominent backups.
  8. The computer also aggressively drafts Running Backs and Tight Ends.  You should target at least 2 RBs in the first 4 rounds and a TE in the first 6 rounds.
  9. You can wait on Wide Receivers.  Because of the aggressive QB and RB drafting, you will still find really good WRs available much later than you would expect!  In fact, I recommend saving your final pick for a WR as there are still decent flex options available at the end, I can't say the same about QBs, RBs and TEs.
  10. You can use my app for free for your Fantasy Football Evolution contests!  Just sign up for a free account and you are good to go!  Once you are logged in, select “Fantasy Football Evolution” under the League Point Schedule.  The app has been optomized to find you the best player in each of the 20 rounds of the draft!

I want you to win it all this season and this is a great way to start!  Please check out the Fantasy Football Evolution website for more information and to get yourself a free account.  I had a blast playing their contest last season and I know you will love it too.

Stay cool!

Jimmie Maverick

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Author: Jimmie Maverick