Dumpster Fire Draft!  Finding the Worst Players at Each Round

25 Jun, 2019

Instead of using My Perfect Fantasy Draft for good, I use it for evil and proceed to draft the worst team possible.

I didn't do anything stupid like take a kicker first, instead I used Draft Mode and only selected the players who scored the fewest VORC (Value-Outlook-Reliability-Consistency) points on each round.  Wow did I get some stinkers.  Lots of problems with the guys I took!  Issues included injuries, new team, new contract, negative trend, poor value, low reliablity, low consistency or some combination of these issues.

I wanted to show the huge differential between the best players in each round and the worst and there is a gaping chasm there. 

Please don't draft any of these players because you will regret it!

Author: Jimmie Maverick