Fantasy Football Players Championship Mock #2, Yahoo 12-Team, Pick #2 July 26, 2019

26 Jul, 2019

I just had my second Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) position revealed and I get to pick second in a 12-team league.

FFPC drafts are PPR with TEs getting 1.5 PPR.  There are also two flex slots (RB/WR/TE).  I'm guessing a lot of leagues are going to institute 1.5 PPR for Tight Ends after last year's dismal outing.  What this ends up doing is greatly expanding the list of fantasy viable players.  

One big thing I've noticed is that small changes in the league point schedule can have a significant impact on player values.  Although TEs tend to move up the draft board, it's usually not enough to account for the value difference of that player.  For instance, Vance McDonald offers top 50 value and I got him at pick #71, amazing!

In this case, because I'm top 2, I'm taking an Ace RB and I ended up selecting Alvin Kamara.  Normally I'd take Zeke, but his whole holdout talk is keeping me away from that.  

My draft is the perfect balance of high value/reliability players to anchor my team along with a healthy dose of speculative players with massive upside taken in the later rounds (Damien Harris, Justice Hill, Parris Campbell, etc).

I would love to take a team like this in with me to the fantasy tournament.  I can only hope I will be as lucky on draft day!

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Author: Jimmie Maverick