First Draft of the Season!  ESPN 10 Team, Pick #10 PPR August 18, 2019

19 Aug, 2019

My first draft and what a way to start the season.  This is an Experts league, so I always expect things to be a little crazy and it didn't disappoint.  Got some amazing discounts of a few players and got sniped on a couple that I wanted real bad.

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My goal was using the Positional Dominance strategy to lock in a Top 3 TE and QB.  Given that I picked 10th, I deduced that I would not be able to wait until the 3rd round to take my TE (and I was correct as all 3 top TEs were gone by that pick) so I ended up taking Kelce with my second pick.

All the best choices at RB were gone by my pick.  I had to decide between going James Conner or Juju Smith-Schuster.  I decided to go with the receiver because of PPR and my projections that have Juju as the 3rd best receiver this season (behind Adams and Hopkins).  

Here's how It ended up:
1.  Juju Smith Schuster
2.  Travis Kelce
3.  Josh Jacobs
4.  Marlon Mack
5.  Brandon Cooks (great value!)
6.  Derrick Henry (injury discount)
7.  Baker Mayfield (my Top 3 projected QB)
8.  Robby Anderson (huge discount!)
9.  Lamar Miller (a value here!)
10.  Curtis Samuel (so happy I got him!)
11. Darwin Thompson (secret starter?)
12. Jaylen Samuels (RB1 if Conner gets hurt)
13. Damien Harris
14.  Tyrell Williams (offers top 100 value!)
15.  New England Patriots
16.  Georgio Teveccio (ATL, K)

I love my receiver Corps, TE and QB.  RB is my weakest position but there is tons of upside with my late picks.  I think both Jacobs and Mack are solid RB2s but this team does lack a RB1.

What do you think!

Author: Jimmie Maverick