Happy Father’s Day Mock Draft!  ESPN 12 Team PPR, Picking 8th

16 Jun, 2019

This draft even went better than I thought.

I was talking about Jaylen Samuels and I thought I missed out on him, but in fact I had drafted him (I was attempting to add him to my Queue when my turn came up).

The team is killer:

QB - Cam Newton

RBs - Joe Mixon, Damien Williams, Derrick Henry, Tevin Coleman, Austin Ekler, Jaylen Samuels, Adrian Peterson, Damien Harris

WRs - Juju Smith-Schuster, Jarvis Landry, Mohammed Sanu, Micole Hardman

TE - David Njoku

DEF - Rams

K - Adam Viniaterri

This is a team I would be happy to field this season!

Author: Jimmie Maverick