New Coach Outlook - Fantasy Maverick Podcast 03.04.21

2 Apr, 2021

As a general rule, I consider a new coach a net positive for a team. By the time the old coach is fired the team has usually quit on him already. Now there is some fresh blood and that can invigorate a team and generate upside for fantasy. Because of this, my app gives a 1 star bonus to the outlook of players on teams with a new head coach. However, I've decided that this broad assessment needs to be narrowed to consider the quality of the coach hired and the status of the team talent. Last season we saw teams make excellent strides with their new coaches: Kevin Stefanski from Cleveland, Matt Rhule from Carolina and Frank Reich of Washington. This year we have 6 new head coaches and I'm going to go over each one and consider if their players deserve the new coach bonus to their outlook. Only 3 teams qualify right now for that bonus.

Author: Jimmie Maverick