This is How You Win Your Draft!  Live Draft (not a mock)

31 Aug, 2019

Crushed this draft and am in the pole position for teams this season. I picked 2nd in a 12 team league, PPR with 1.5 PPR for TEs and two flex positions gave me a lot of flexibility in roster construction. This was my first ever draft on this platform so I wasn't sure what to expect. The big thing I missed on was my high upside, late round RBs, who all went much earlier than I expected. I have two more of these drafts so I will be much better prepared next time. How do I know I won? After the draft I checked everyone's projected points for week 1. Everyone was between 120 - 140 points. My team was projected at 147! That's how I know! I had decided to go RBs with my first 3 picks unless one of the elite TEs was still available in the 2nd round (I had projected that all would be gone by that point). Fortunately, Kittle made it to pick #23, so I took him and we were off to the races! Four of my first five picks were longshots, so I was happy to get the extra value they provided. Here's the roster, but you should watch how the whole thing played out. QB - Jared Goff RB - Saquon Barkley RB - Leonard Fournette WR - Robert Woods WR - Jarvis Landry TE - George Kittle Flex - Evan Engram Flex - Curtis Samuel Bench - Philip Rivers, Royce Freeman, Tyrell Williams, Jack Doyle, Jaylen Samuel, Mecole Hardman, Ryquell Armestad, Gus Edwards, Buffalo Bills, Quincy Enunwa The scary part is now I know how the draft works and I will be even better for draft #2 and #3 next week! Watch out! Please like, subscribe and comment below! Access the app exclusively through my website: Check out my instagram page: Check out my facebook page:

Author: Jimmie Maverick